Dave was involved with Scientology when I met him. This is his religion and helps him deal with the same problems that pop up once and awhile in everyone’s life. We all deal with things differently though. That is what I have to remember,each of us is not

perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect anything. Everyone is an individual and as long as I remember this and how much he’s been there for me and taken care of me through all kinds of situations. He is the bravest man I know and his good qualities far out weigh anything else. He does not smoke or drink and under his good example neither do I. He treats my sister better than her blood brother who seems to have been looking for a replacement family all of his life. Dave loves Marsha as much as I do and  sometimes I think she likes him more than me. She assures me that she doesn’t .

I’ve found my religion in finding good people that I can’t let go. Treasure them , they are hard to find sometimes. I love the home we live in and the way he tries to make me laugh when I thought I would not be able to again. Yes we’ve made our peace with each other and walk around our property still holding hands. He gives me the strength that no one else has given me and I feel safe when he is here.

I’ve listened to L. Ron Hubbard and the tapes Dave listens to give him that strength and confidence that I’ve come to rely on.

I can’t take that away from him and learn from them sometimes myself.. We have made our own family and we are going to his family reunion in June. I’ve gone to them before and we enjoy our drives back to his hometown in Texas. I’m sorry Dallas that you have to put up with my tirades. You forgive me and I have to remember that you are part of my family now. I never wanted to accept that before. I thought I could find a reason to leave. How can I when he has given me everything I’ve ever wanted.. To make me feel happy after what I’ve had to go through must have been very hard for him to do.

I have to realize and be able to accept what he offers me. No matter how hard I try to run he is there to catch me when I fall.

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Nikola Tesla

Thomas Edison was friends with Tesla, in the beginning. They each were interested in what  the other was coming up with. The light bulb was something else they both invented and patented . Tesla;s was much better and his ideas for the future of mankind were to be revolutionary.. His ideas were so astounding that he was targeted as being in touch with space aliens. He got J.P. Morgan to back up his idea and  finance it for him. What Tesla did was building a tall energy source that would have harnessed with solar energy. It would have provided enough power for everyone to use and it would be free. We would not have had to deal with wires going up every where. Just think how that would have changed lives, and not have to spend money for electricity to be connected to our homes. He also designed a solar powered car that could go up to 90 mph. J. P. Morgan was not going to benefit from this man’s genius. He had thought Tesla was going to provide a money maker and this is what he did to stop us from the beauty of Tesla’s idea to provide free electricity. He had a crew with a wreaking ball knock the large power source into pieces of rubble. No one wants to provide something for free. What happened next was to hire Edison to do something he could benefit from and have people at their mercy. They started putting up poles with wires to connect to homes. They wanted to make money from this deal . They did not care about the future and problems that we would have to deal with. This was during the depression and when people could not pay for their utilities they could turn it off and people went about without power in there homes. The wires also were dangerous and were often pulled down by a fallen branch or even a large storm , People were forever under their control and electricity was not cheap. It made Tesla a broken man. The man some compared as the next Leonardo De Vinci  had to declare bankruptcy and died poor . He did have some things patented , a coil that is still used in radios today . To some money is their God. They did not foresee the great difference Tesla’s power stations would have made in our lives. Maybe they did but did not care about improving people’s life style. All they cared about was how much money they would make from those ugly ever present wires and poles. People are still at their mercy and the utility bills that we still have to pay.

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Think Outside Of The Box (NASA)

When I wrote the post Infinity I never realized how it made me think out of the box. I think our space program has to be overhauled. They always have the rocket liftoffs at the same places and the same time. What if we revise the time and place,

would it make a difference?

What about relocating even further? Another country? I am guessing that Australia is the best place for our space program

to look at things out of the box. Lift offs would be heading towards uncharted parts of the galaxy. Who knows maybe this

would lead to another dimension . Think outside of the box.

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Left At The Alter?

                             I was cleaning my mom’s house, and under her bed I found her college yearbook. When she was young and pretty, she had never shown it to us.

I opened it up and all her classmates had written something to her in it. Most of them had wrote congratulations to you and Ed. I also had found an aged

scrapbook with lots of pictures. In those pictures I had found another piece to a puzzle, I saw in most of them a very young and happy woman. The happy

one that I tried to capture again, but for some reason I couldn’t. Now I was to find out why. In most there is always a tall light haired young man at her side.

He was pushing her on a swing and they were throwing snow at each other in some. I had seen him before in another scrapbook of old family pictures. I now

knew  who that happy and handsome person was, it was Ed her college sweetheart. Reading the things people wrote in her yearbook made it seem that they all

expected mom and Ed were to be married.

I went to her and asked “what happened to Ed mom?” She turned her head so that I did not see her face when she answered “he went home the last Christmas

and went back to his high school sweetheart .” He must not have told her right away because the writings of others made it sound like it was expected of them.

I had one of my senses telling me to be on the lookout for the unexplained reason she had settled for my dad ( I do forgive you, and have made my peace with

you. I realize now dad that maybe this happened to you too.) Under the circumstances I now know that you both had settled for each other,this marriage occurred

from that, I wonder how Ed’s doing? I think mom was left at the alter. 1951 must have been the worse year  of your life. Mom graduated, but with a broken heart.

That is also the year your mom died,and it was the year you learned your brother Ted was going to get married to someone with your first name. One Frances

Suchoruke in a small town was enough. Mom went through hell that year!


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You Will Always Be MY Valentine

Nancy Ann Prohira

I was the only one out of the three of us to give you a valentine gift every year. You were born on a perfect day Feb16 1927. It was delightful to be able to get you so many gifts that were left over from Valentines day. This year it falls on a federal holiday,Presidents day. That did not happen very often. This year you would have turned 88 years old. I buy Dallas and Marsha valentine gifts, but it was your birthday when we would snatch up  lovely things to give our mom a very special birthday. It did not make us go broke either, most things were being sold off for practically nothing right before your birthday.We adored being able to find so many special gifts , like the cherubs that you put on your office shelf and the beautiful colored glass bell that was my last gift…

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