Desecration of a tombstone

WW2 Veteran's name was sandblasted off his family's tombstone

WW2 Veteran’s name was
sandblasted off his family’s tombstone

Our Uncle Joe was a WW2 vet from 1941-45. I paid for this inscription to be put
on our grandparents tombstone. When I moved away from my hometown someone
instigated the sandblasting of my inscription. This illicit act was done with the
consent of E.Arthur Gray Memorials Inc. I have the only legal documentation for my
grandparent’s tombstone and plot. I only learned of this desecration last year. I
have not been given any help from the Port Jervis N.Y. police and the the
detectives that work there. What kind of monster would or why do something like
this? I am offering a 1,000 dollar reward for any information that leads me to this answer. The only thing we got from the P.J.
detectives has been grief. This is now a felony crime afterI had been told over and over that it was afamily matter. I said

It was a hate crime from the beginning and that I would continue to do every thing I could to see justice served. Never

would I realize the lessons I would learn with horror and shock! The police do not have to arrest someone even though

they know he’s guilty and the mayor can

fire a policeman. No wonder that town and many other towns are in such bad shape!

Justice for all not justice for some, and I continue to make that oath fact. Even if it kills me,I was told I was obsessed by this, it

would have been wrong if I was not. This is my mom your talking about little boys, you don’t go there! You will soon be haunted

by your own words of warning to me, believe me! You should have done your jobs well in the beginning. I was not asking for money just for you to

do your jobs . Instead you are ordering new chairs and cameras doesn’t that say it all boys? It does to me.
copyright all rights reserved


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