Ukraine smallpox epidemic

Both of my grandparents lost their 1st families to a smallpox epidemic in their native country of Ukraine.  My uncle was the only one of my grandmother’s children that survived. Both of them came here for a new start and to forget the tragic memories that they had to overcome.  My grandmother Mary met my grandfather Dmytro Suchoruke and made a fresh start . My grandfather worked very hard and he also knew  how to build houses,he was a success story. He developed emphysema and my mom had us live with him so she could care for him.  I lived at 209 Jersey Ave. for the first part of my life. One of the few things I brought to Florida with me was a baseball bat that he carved for me. They became United State citizens and Joe proudly served his new country. I don’t understand why someone thought this WW2 war vet did not deserve to have a lovely inscription put on our grandparent’s monument. This man had the right to that he earned it! What is wrong in Port Jervis that even though my grandfather left
both the monument and plot to my mother Mrs.Wm.Prohira and I told everyone including Saint Mary’s Church who were the first ones to tell me this. I am the only one with the 65 year old grave deed which I had to get from the archdiocese of N.Y. I will continue this until justice is served. I filed a small claims
court in Florida only to be told I had filed in the wrong Jurisdiction. The N.Y. Bar Association assigned an attorney to represent me. She did not do this, kept other documents from me, she then told me she had to resign from my case due to fact that she had a conflict of interest with the defense attorneys.
She did not help my case but hindered it!


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