remember veterans

Please do not let the veterans forget about what was done to a monument at Saint
Mary’s cemetery located in Port Jervis N.Y. A law is going through that
desecration of a monument is a federal crime. The police and the detectives did
not even bother the 2 well known prominent citizens. They know the instigator and
E. Arthur Memorials very well. They are going by the good old boy system. They
are making it very clear that they are being protective of these 2 men. What side
they were on was apparent from the very beginning. Anyone else would have been
arrested for sandblasting such a beautiful inscription. No attorney wants to go
against the law firm they both must have on retainer. I am prepared with enough
evidence and documentation,but they always ask for more. I even offered a $1000
reward for anyone who knows anything about this sacrilegious act which will be given to anyone who comes forward with the evidence I’m sure the police and
detectives already have. I will not stop this investigation until justice is served!


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