Miscarraige of justice

The very busy detectives never guestioned the most obvious suspects in this gruesome deed. That they knew who it was very apparent from day one.  I was dealing with the good ole boys system they all watch each others back. Every time I gave them  evidence it was never enough.  Now they want me to come up with the receipt for a statue that has been there ever since my mom picked it out 65 years ago the special monument for my grandmother she got a lovely marble monument with a place to set her Virgin Mary statue on. One detective insinuated that I had just put it there. THINK I would not have it facing the relatives who did not ask my mom who was the legal owner permission. I had to have my uncle and mom cremated in part because I think embalming fluid pollutes the ground and water. Unfortunately they
>died first and used the plot up.
I most certainly have had the statue facing my inscription. Justice must prevail!


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