law is being passsed

When I found out about this illicit sandblasting only last year . I found out it had been done right after I had moved to.. Florida. I told my sister to say a prayer at our grandparents tombstone. When the caretaker said that he had never seen it I called Mr Parker  the person who Ipaid $852 dollars to do my inscription. First I made sure that the tombstone and the plot were mine. He told me he had it sandblasted off because someone told him to.  He did not pay me back and told me to get someone else to do another engraving!

I called the Port Jervis police and detectives what I had found out. Instead of finding out why this man had done this and who the real

owners were they questioned me and did nothing to prove I was the owner. All they had to do was call St Mary’s church to find that

out. The reason they did not do this became very clear to me,it was because they already knew!! The were covering up for people

they knew who did this sacrilegious act. They  asked me to show them documents of proof of ownership. I guess when you know

someone on the police force it gives you the right to get away with anything. I finally got all the documentation. They  always asked for more. Now that what they had committed is going to become a federal crime I will think they had helped me. I am wil

an attorney for which I will tell to sue not only the the instigators, but the Catholic church itself. Of cause I will  also tell them how I

was treated by the police and detectives who did nothing but cause us grief!!! 




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