Mary Ann


I called the authorities when I discovered that my tombstone had

been desecrated in the small city of Port Jervis N.Y. I got the brush off.

I’m not famous,I’m not their friend, I don’t matter to them. I have no

peace. This is now a federal crime, that does not make a bit of

difference.  Ya know what? It no longer matters to me. I tried my best

mom, you would know someway. I have all legal rights to your

parent’s tombstone and plot. I sorry that I found out to late. Even if

I had I could not go back there. Mary Ann your favorite niece who

came to see us every day. When she married Rohner she had only

his family to belong to. She broke all of our hearts . I know you hurt

the most though, because you helped raise her.

Even though I was always caring for you when you got sick, I was

never in your heart. I was at your side combing your soft lovely

hair I said “I love you mom”. You turned your head from me and said

“I don’t know what love is”. I know Marsha and Mike were also not

in your heart and we always felt it though and were never shown

any affection from you and dad. That’s not  the way to raise kids we

never felt worthy of it. Dave loves me, but I hear your words coming

out, he tells me he understands,but every other time the ones

I loved had to go I pushed them away. I love my kind gentleman, I

say mean things to him and worse. He’s being pushed away. When

I start my tirades he hugs me and say’s ” I understand you baby”.

He says your in pain and what I have learned about people this past

year is going to send me to my grave. I have to let it go if I want to

survive, and I do because of him  and my sister.

copyright all rights reserved



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