Shame for P.J.N.Y!!!

I cannot wait for the feds to do what police and detectives to
be asked why they did not look into a case that not only included
sandblasting on a lovely inscription on the back of his own mothers
monument . What are the Port Jervis police and detectives going to
say when they say Nancy Prohira asked us to help her find the
instigator for more than a year. When I contact them I will include
every one who told me I was not supposed an inscription on My own mother’s monument? I also will tell them I had the proof of ownership. When they hear that her son Joe’s name was sandblalsted off by people you covered up for was a veteran of WW11 I am the one with any proof of owner ship. Say did we do enough for your
two cohorts who along with whoever was involved in their coverup!!!


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