I called St. Mar’ys church in Port Jervis N.Y. and was told not to call there again! The police think

by Intimidation they can stop me from showing all of my case. I acquired enough though higher

sources that the more they try to stop me,also means they have allot to hide!!  Power and money

sometimes cannot be used as a cover up is exposed!

Where there is smoke there is also fire, the police will soon see that lies and bribery cannot curtail

justice!! You are supposed to uncover the truth not hinder it that is not your job description. You

will make people think that who you know in Port Jervis is more important than the truth. They

are getting themselves to involved with what should have been an easy case to make. Remember

your paychecks are coming from ordinary citizens who you should work just as hard for, not for just

a selected few!!

copyright  all rights reserved


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