Concentration and Desecration are alive and well

dear citizens of the lovely city of Port Jervis N.Y. It looks
like these similar and ugly words are very welcome and condoned
there. The Police and Detectives thrive and encourage these acts
of crime!! If you tell them some thing has come up that will be
of help to them. They are not interested only evil is wanted there,
Or they would not have jobs concentration+ desecration are more then welcome here. Most people have jobs that are similar in that they can talk about the same interests that come up, and they all
deal with cruelty the same way. They wait for the next bad news to
agree was the way they always do . By listening to only one side
and ganging up on an other one. Good jobs the Police and Detectives as well as their attorneys are doing. I’m surprised
most first born are not named Adolf!!!


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