Pastor George told that I should not call St. Mary;s church, he does not want to release any of my documents

The Paster at St.Mary’s church had his secretery not to put my calls though, as did the Police and the Detectives.  This is a

conpiracy that happens if they have know the people I have referred  to in my advertising are guilty!! They really got upset when

I put 1/4 of a page in during Memorial day weekend. If they thought that was bad ,there are many others to contact instead of you

bunch of jokers. By finding out there is more that they are keeping from me is appalling!!! Joseph Cherwak was not raised in Port

Jervis. MY grandparents lost both of their first families to a smallpox epidemic. The only one of my grandmother’s children that

survived was her son Joseph. He was very proud to serve his adopted country which he did During W.W.2.I paid the undertaker

ofE.Arthur Grey Memorial’s Inc.tohave a lovely inscription done. this was family plot, but when my cousin remarried she never

came  over to see us. I have never even met him. I did not have to. We knew about something he did and did want us to mention

it to anyone. My mother became persona non grata with him. I knew she was dieing and he met his future wife at hospice. That

was why her cancer came out of remission!! He did not even move from their home to a new one which I think would have made

things seem better. While the instigator was having his teeth straitened any getting liposuction,our cousin was taking strong doses

of medication and going through chemotherapy!!! Move fast so you do not catch  it.. was his favorite motto. He thought he was Mr.

Port jervis. I recently was told that Mayor Grey had the Post office named after him or something. Has this town ever considered

that connection. All I said was that I thought he was an undertaker. Am I the only one not    getting the what do these things have in

common? Was he also a mailman, if not than this is one flukey town!!! to allow desecration of my Inscription by sand blasting it

off. There is veteran name there!!! Revenge is best served cold. MR. Parker you  get someone to put my inscription back on. I

am the only in this strange town that thinks I should not be upset by- this. Your very wrong and I hope you 1.Have it inscribed again

2. Give me my money back 3. have the instigator inscribe it. Time is ticking!!!I have the only legal documentation of owner ship

remember the time of limitations is10 yrs. I hope wait for it to become a federal crime, she gave birth to us, she had to endure the

way people and relatives treated her. I knew Marsha would want to by me and not by the way they treated her. to go on and see,,,,

the worst ones who were mean to her become special education teachers. No wonder home schooling is becoming popular no

one wants their child or children being bullied. That is what is happening here we are being bullied all over again!!!





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