What cetain people in this town act and are treated better by Port Jervis Police and detectives???


You won’t have to look to far just mention a business owner is a suspect and watch them turn around as if you had done the crime yourself.  I called them when I knew and had the evidence for a certain proud member of the Port Jervis clique, I felt like I was in high school only the ones with connections get chosen. In this case though it’s grown men that are harboring my investigation of the monster they are covering up for!!! From the beginning I should have known how prejudiced they were for certain people they

knew and were blind deaf and dumb to anyone else. In this case it will be   handled differently. When you are getting other veterans and

activists to see the sacrilege that was committed and condoned in Port Jervis their go into shock. why weren’t they arrested. I reply

they were not even asked any questions at all. They were telling me otherwise, but when they just kept asking me to show all the evidence I had they would always come up with som ething like”we want a receipt for the statue that was there over 65 years. I’m

disgusted but that won’t stop me for getting justice done. Keep your seatbelts on It’s going to be a very bumby road!!
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