Everyone was there!

I was talking to my partner about how hurt I was that my inscription I had
put on my grandparents tombstone had been seen by most people as not belonging there. We do not believe in the process of embalming.
Both my parents and uncle were cremated.
This is why it did seem right that I wanted an inscription put there just
to honor them, and say a prayer for them if we were ever there.
I did not do anything wrong and the only people questioning my authority,are the one’s being asked “Why is this bothering you so much”? An act of love turned me into the person who had done a terrible
thing. That is when I started talking about the prejudice I had always noted toward some . I would just bear with there snobby ways and roll my
eyes when they came back from Jekyll Island we always heard ” Everyone was there”. We Knew but who would want to be at a place that people were to RSVP! Then I learned the book about this weird place!! My partner was quite surprised that this
small little city I came from he knew very much about and that only secretive
things were planed right there where every body was there!! I started to read the
book, and things began to fall into place. I was always right to sense something
was not right and everyone knew if you belonged in Port Jervis
My cowboy had read the book”The Beast From Jekyll Island”. He was soon to tell me more!
copyright all rights reserved


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