Document’s Un required

Remember anything goes in Port Jervis St. Mary’s cemetery. I paid Shaun Parker of Gray-Parker funeral home $852 to have an inscription put on my grandparent’s tombstone.

The police were called last year and all we were given by them and the detectives has

been grief. I called Father George Hafemann who is the pastor of St. Mary’s church and

was told that a paper of ownership that was almost 70 yrs. old could be found, that

was a grave deed leaving the tombstone and the plot to my mother Mrs. Wm. Prohira as

next of kin . Detective Warden told me to go to Surrogates Court to see if my mom’s

file was still open. It was from that file that I learned that our attorney Vern Lazaroff had been our probate attorney. Both of my siblings signed off on the

house she died in. We had rented that house out until my mom got sick and we all want

ed to be there for her. I was the one put in charge of her care 24/7. She died Jan,9

2007. Mr. Lazeroff’s name is on most of the papers in that file. My mother had told

me that we would not need an attorney because we knew she could handle that herself.

Now I;m glad my brother got one or I would not have access to papers that named me

as C.O.A. official forms executor. The detectives were well aware that the instigator

who did not want my engraving on my own tombstone was Mr James Rohner. He was married

to my cousin Mary Ann and I have never met him. We loved her 1st husband William

Morgan they had a son together and we always knew how much she loved him. He had to

go into the military during the Vietnam War. When he came home my cousin said he got a

dog that she did not get along with and that he didn’t want any more children. She cried over him, he was the man that whenever
Wedding Bell Blues was on she cried she always would love him but she
asked him it was either the dog or her,he chose the dog.

MY mom said that Jim Rohner was still available. they soon got married and he adopted her 1st son.

We rarely saw her after that, Mrs. Rohner replaced my mom as her confidant
she even cut ties with her high school friends. My mom did not really expect this

change in her favorite niece but I knew right away by how much money she was spending. She was decorating her house until the day she died.

6 bodies are in the plot. They never asked if they could be buried there. By the

time my parents died we chose cremation. The embalming process has to be shown for

what it does to poison the ground and water. I only found out that E. Arthur Gray

Memorials Inc. had my inscription sandblasted off on the direct orders from a man

who is now remarried and bought a hideous black heart shaped tombstone with only his

last name on both sides in large letters ROHNER,no mention of her maiden name is

there. Vern asked me why was he concerned about my mother’ s Ukrainian tombstone and

my lovely inscription. I called Mr Rohner and asked him what was wrong   and why was my inscription sandblasted off. He told me

that the    family wanted it taken off . I said “I am the family” He

told me to buy another one I called Mr.Parker who said that he knew I


not own it, he would not have that work done before looking up who owned it and

both of them thought I would never find out. I would still not know until my sister

said she wanted to live with us in Fl. I told her to say a prayer there and was

told by the caretaker Richard Quick that he had never seen it! That’s when I found
out I had opened a can of worms! The documentation I kept giving to the detectives

was never enough, even though I am the only one asked to provide them. Mr. Rohner

is not a blood relative and was having braces put on his  crooked  teeth while my cousin

was undergoing chemotherapy and being buried by herself in a plot and a black heart shaped tombstone.I knew this was a malicious
HATE CRIME FROM DAY ONE. Her husband did not like her parent’s
ethnic name. He loves his own though he had ROHNER on the front
and the back. It makes it look like she did not have any
Ukrainian blood ties,all I want is for this case to be looked at as a
federal crime.
He had her buried
away from her relatives and with no room for any inscriptions with any Ukrainian

names. This man is an arrogant bully besides being prejudiced against ethnic names.

I am being treated like I did something wrong and Parker made it right by
keeping the names that were there in the beginning. If he had done that. They only
would  have my grandmother Mary’s name  my grandpa’s name Dmytro and their last name on   the tombstone bought by my mom! That’s the reason she chose the lovely marble tombstone My maternal grandma was only 59 when she died and I

never had the pleasure to meet her.  The reason my mom chose

the beautiful marble tombstone was that  there was a place to put her    Virgin Mary statue      and that was where we  would go so that we could pray and she would tell me stories about our genealogy.  I was

the only one of her children who always loved to hear her talk about

the past and was always proud to tell anyone that I was 100 percent

Ukrainian. I am the only one in the world with my name . What do

people do if they are read the poem you were not born under her

heart but in it. That is  what detective Warden was always going on

about”do you have any aunts or cousins”. I mentioned my cousin

Suzanne Romer. I had forgotten that she had her maiden now, her

husband Charlie Romer had been charged with statuary rape! He

must have forgotten that he had a wife and three children. Warden

said their blood in a creepy way. Believe me I did not want to  tell him

that Sue’s kids would never want anything more to deal with their

father. When I filed to have Parker + Rohner sued for their evil

act the Judge told me that I had filed in the wrong Jurisdiction,I asked

for a change of venue . She said I would have to file where the crime

was committed,but she thought I had a good case against them. Dave

was there to hold me as I sobbed my heart out. I went about that

what seemed like forever,the bailiff asked me if  I wanted a glass of

water. They had both hired the same attorney Mr. Robert Harrison

to defend them. I wanted that creepy coward who did not have

another case and was afraid to come out of the courtroom. I wanted him to tell his clients how long I cried.

When we got home I remembered that my cousin Tommy who did

not even heed his father’s last wish before he died and that was to

have his ashes sprinkled around his favorite race track. Tommy was a

spoiled brat and said it might slow his time(what a loving son). He is a

drag racer and that is where he met his wife. Yes he married a drag

racer too and I remembered her name was Barbara Harrison. I think

there is connection there. I compared them to junkies always wanting

to feel that adrenaline rush, what a couple of charmers. Of course

in Mary Ann’s last years she wanted to show off something to Jimmy

who was impressed by materialism. My own cousins the Seemanns who were my mom’s sister’s kids who act

just like him   and my cousin Tom had married someone named Barbara  Harrison  they must have                  I

told him that they knew someone who  was registered to practice in Fl. +N.Y. The attorney’s last name was Harrison.
My mom bought that marble stone with a place for her statue!
She could put a Virgin Mary statue on, that tombstone was chosen by my
mom when she was 21 years old and the tombstone had a place in the center for it. It faced the front,if I put it there it would be facing towards my beloved mother and my inscription .THINK!
Now they want the receipt for that. Is there any body else that has been treated this way. The always diligent Detectives would make things right,they only had to look and listen . Sadly they were treating me like they thought I was the person who
had done something wrong by putting an epitaph to honor them . They made me feel
like a criminal so we could pay our respects there if we ever went. . No one wants to take this case not the bar assoc. and not Lazeroff even though through his mismanagement I would not have my raised crested documents of ownership! C.O/A.s. After talking to Parker Lazeroff resigned from the case. He is a coward.
Mr. Lazeroff asked me what I would do with it. I have decided and was even given a case
number to show if anyone has objections that will be to bad. Deal with the hell I have had to deal with for over a year.

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