Jekyll Island

Veteran Unremembered

Veteran Unremembered

First_Reward_Ad_RevisedE. Arthur Gray Memorials sandblasted the Inscription I paid $852 on my grandparent,s tombstone and will not pay me back! Revenge is best served cold!! Do not forget that this is a Jekyll Island small city where who you know means more than who is right! Read the book The Beast at Jekyll Island .Does any one go where
they are not feeling welcome? I mentioned to Dave How
the cub scout troops were picked with great fun by Marion and her son Jimmy. He said he learned to be a an arrogant snob on his
mama”s knee! My mom offered to take the boys not up to par. She
would laugh at the generous amount Mrs. Rohner would have in the local paper list the grand sum of $25 to the Salvation Army ,if She was feeling especially generous it might even go up to
$50. Mom would smile at me, she knew of all the places we would not send less than$100 a year to anonymously.That is the right way to donate. She was very grateful to have been one of three of my grandparent’s second family. She
always told me how many had perished including her mother and
father’s first families in the Ukraine. I see now why my
cousins would not want to hear about all they had gone through. Mom
knew just as my beloved grandpa . They were preparing me for what they knew, but did not want for me.They said I was born
with that knowledge (somehow.) I knew too what they meant. I was
my sister’s keeper,what I felt for her was always with me. My
grandfather said” my dear you have a heart of gold.”

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