How would you feel if this happened to you?

If this did not include 2 Mr. Port Jervis people they would have been arrested when I first reported it. We were so upset about the indifference we received from the police and detectives I immediately went to our local police court. No one told me until I got up to plead my case and the judge said I had to go to file where the crime was committed. That was after I had paid about $400 dollars to have it filed. I asked for a change of venue because I have obligations that I need to contend with. They made a mistake by having their testimonies notoriced , now I have their lies on file. The judge urged me to get someone up there because she thought I had a strong enough case.
Mr. Parker is the one who said I had to sue E.Arthur Grey Memorials Inc. I just stated
who I paid and the name of the business . Mr. Parker and Mr. Rohner contacted me when
I first moved here . When Mr. Parker said I knew all along that I did not have the right to have the inscription done, he was taking out of context when he told me how upset a man was that I had put my Mother’s epitaph on her own parent’s tombstone. He
checked that out and had the same access as I did before he would do the engraving.I had a picture of the engraving and said I was sorry he had to deal with this strange reaction from a stranger I had never met. That there was any aftermath about the
inscription was bewildering and so was their hateful reaction. Then I was told by a friend that Mr. Rohner was was letting my cousin Mary Ann drive around town (Port Jervis) while she was undergoing chemotherapy and he was getting braces to straiten his crooked teeth. I was out raged by his thinking of vanity after being with her for so long. No one thought that was weird? It makes sense now when I found out. That while I was making a very nice life for myself ,and we were
going to have my sister move down here. Was I to find out he was remarried to someone he met at hospice! We had to make sure she got out before that evil man
could find a way to make her disapear. Like he made our lovely inscription . I had every right to have put on there. Read what I wrote after I included” I’m sorry you had to deal with the aftermath.” I wrote” remember this is my tombstone not their’s they will have to face the consequences if they attempt to damage it.” Remember that Mr. Parker had already been paid and we were very happy to have it there. They would have wanted them to be there as their two other children. For the short time this was praised as a good deed, to have taken care of before we left. Mr. Parker said that he was unaware that my grave deed names only my mother Mrs. Wm. Prohira as his next of kin and I am her heir. Why did he listen to Mr. Rohner who had no legal ties to this tombstone, my mom had chosen out for her mother Mary. She told me that she loved marble and the unique way there was for her to put the Virgin Mary there almost 70 yrs. ago. When my mother got married we lived with him in one of the many houses he loved to build but now we had to care for him from working with asbestos for so many years. I was his favorite grandchild and my mom would always tell me what joy it brought her to be able to watch me run out to help him decide what I thought he should make that day. The houses he built were bought by the Grand Union. After my grandpa died they bought the rest of his properties. Now Mr. Parker is saying he had my inscription sandblasted off because he wanted it put back the way it originally was,if that is the case then just my grand mother’s name would be there. That was the payback that Mr. Parker took he had a hideous black heart with only his last name ROHNER engraved on the front and back. I believed from the start that his strange reaction and Mr. Parker’s greed would be very apparent to any Ukrainians who were always fighting and sometimes losing our country. Do your research and you will find out 8 million more of our race were tortured and killed by Hitler’s white supremacy than Jews! Mr. Rohner has always gotten his way in the Jekyll Island loving city where there is no remembrance of the evil ethics that this town must have loved being part of. Read the book The Beast of Jekyll Island and remember the people that said “everyone was there” were very wrong. My father would say let’s make this turn just to hear us beg him how much we did not want to go! Remember also that my cousin will probably be alone in that blackhearted tombstone chosen by her husband. Not as
beautiful as the one chosen by a very loving daughter who chose one because her mother was named after the Virgin Mary.The detctives even want me to show receipts for that missing statue. Meanwhile Mr. Rohner is again getting what he wants, he took a rose garden that a man had left to make our little city something of beauty.Only to to have the referendums voting for this not to be allowed to be ignored, and don’t mention that a certain person. Tripled his fire insurance on his business that burned completely down on one of the most windy nights, but was never investigated either. They are treating me like I did something wrong! What would have been wrong is if I did not do anything!

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