After the parade is over

Enjoyed by all. I did find out something fascinating through a little research I’ve done. The beautiful Orange Square yes the one on Pike St. Well hold on

it was once the local lynching spot! Yes there were gallows and all that good stuff!

I’m not over that one when I read with fascination that Point Peter had been used for

many years as a satanic place for the KKK to do their sacrifices. Yes the same place

where we had our local Easter egg hunts!

I could include the members names but I don’t want to leave someone’s name off they

would get offended by not being included. Sounds like I missed out some

fun times they had there. I knew they were still having them held by the big place
in High Point
where you could look at certain rare species that were still around there a lot<
of sacrifices were held on a flat rock. I loved going there for it’s peace and quiet.

I wish we had not decided to go for a hike one day. We smelled something strange and

walked over toward the direction it was coming from , that’s where we saw the baby fawn. We understood right away it was killed and used as a sacrifice it was like it had

not been there too.. long as it was not ravaged by vultures or anything .

That was not a place we ever went. We came see the beautiful lake and have picnics.

We never had stopped there before. So they knew the sacrificing or satanists would soon be gone and not be found out,but we loved to hike there and read the sign that said take only pictures and leave only footprints. Port Jervis is in a tri-state area. If you cross the Delaware bridge you were in Pennsylvania. If you went up on a very high hill you were in New Jersey , thats a place I always liked

to go because I liked the binoculars they had around the monument that had to have a blinking light on so the planes could see it at night,remember it was the highest site in the whole state of N.J. We liked to climb up to the top of the monument and and climb down them again,but we went there to put our quarters in and then find

your own house from those wonderful binoculars. This park was donated to the state

by a family that wanted others to enjoy it also.We would take our kites up there

it was usually breezy .

I don’t know if you can still go there because N.J.said it was hard to maintain. One bad act by one person can effect many lives. I think someone sued them for something

once and then the large ornate bronze doors were stolen. How could any one do that

it was guarded quite well we thought by the state troopers who had headquarters living in the house at the bottom of the only (we thought) road to get in or out of there. The troopers had there office right behind a small lake you would usually

go in there to ask them some silly questions about which snakes were poisonous and

they were always nice and willing to answer us. It felt strange driving down the

winding road we had to take us back to what is essentially a valley that was called

Port Jervis. I know the ride down would bring me back to this city I once loved to one

I would never want to see again!

copyright all rights reserved


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