DO not continue you are still a bully!

When we got home I check my email. So did my
partner. He usually gets things about his industry.
I get one from the place that stole my inscription then broke the contract by sandblasting it off!!
The law firm representing 2 men called the crime frivolous.
I was seeing something that was done with intent to upset my
family. When I left my sister, I did it filled with dread.
I knew how people are and for my health I left her there. I knew
she felt she was used to it there it was a hurricane in N.Y.
that made her want to come down to us and visit. She said it was
like paradise. Every time I would make plans to go back there
I would get sick and had to cancel. I had the Bank of America
sending me a bill for a safty deposit box I knew I had given the
key back. They insisted I had not and billed me every year for it.
Until someone from one of the branches down here looked at this
strange situation I could not resolve myself.
My sister tried to pay for it,but it seemed like someone was
trying to get me to have to go back there and handle it by
paying almost $500 dollars to get it open . I knew this was not
true and with the help from one of the branches down here who talked for about an hour and when we returned home it seems like
magic someone opened a drawer and walla there was my key.
They gave me a check to cover my payments,but I wanted to know
who was cashing them. I hit a dead end there,that is when I decided
maybe the police in Port Jervis might be able to find out whose name was on my cashed in checks. The energetic cop said the bank
has their own security! Say What! I thought that would be the end
of me having to do with those clowns, how wrong I was!!
copyright all rights reserved


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