Was I the only that Knew?

In 1951 my grandmother died, my mom was the one who was bringing her mom an ice cream cone on that horrible day her mother died of a heart attack at the age of 59. My mom was 21 and had just graduated from college. Her mom was very proud of her, she loved my mom’s college ring and liked to wear it sometimes. ( This was one of those days when she was wearing it.)

I remember that she had told me that it was on Ball St. I’m pretty sure that the funeral place was there, but was run by an older man. Yes I found out long ago what undertakers were up to. She asked him for her ring back,he told her he would have to cut my grandmother’s finger off to be able to do that. My grandpa always gave her other pieces of jewelry to.

Yes St. Mary’s cemetery must have a goldmine enough to fill a
treasure chest as well! Imagine what they buried 6 feet under it takes
my breath away. You are more than welcome to have what they so kindly told you that of course he or she would be wearing through eternity.

Imagine someone seeing what looked like their relatives favorite set of
pearls in a pawn shop while they were in N.Y.C. The funeral parlors would never remove all the jewelry they were wearing them in the caskets!

I have the perfect way to find out, why not ask to have a body exhumed . Better yet sit back and watch someone else dig it up for them to pawn and enjoy. The undertakers are so nice to you in your time of sorrow, never question their ethics! See what you will find before someone reading this takes it upon themselves. Have the police help dig up all kinds of sparkling diamonds they will make sure
you get them back.

I am the only one that can prove this and it is something to do with the
diocese papers I received, and thank you again Mr. Lazeroff for not closing my mom’s files in Surrogate’s Court when you were supposed to. What I am seeing through a little investigating will soon show you something so startling, as I said this is going to be a very bumpy ride.

copyright all rights reserved


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