My Ancestry

When I was using the computer, I never thought I would one day sign on to do this for me. I believed every thing my mother had told us. I remember her saying that my grandfather had brought many survivors over what was left of his relatives.

When I started with years and birthdays, I saw another branch come from my grandmother’s side. on a whim I found out that she had many children and last names. Their first names were George,Anna,Stephen, John and Rose.I only thought she and her son Joseph were the only survivors. Since I was using this site for legal reasons and not to branch out my family tree. It came to me very fast and my grandmother at one time held the title of Lady Cherwak.

My own mother for years did not tell us about her brother Joe. I found a book with older pictures in it, the only ones I knew from these pictures were my mother and her sister my Aunt Kay, it was apparent that they were taken in Philadelphia. He lived and worked there and he was in a lot of them.

When did they stop seeing him, on my moms list of wedding gifts he had given her 2. The gifts were both nice,the answer I want is why did he have to feel like he had to give more than 1.

This is my second day on Ancestry. I don’t like to think what could be out there just waiting for me to find out,something best left forgotten. Well if you knew me you will be saying Nancy should have been a detective herself she will not let
anything stop her. By the way they were not referring to the Port Jervis detectives who I am finding very amusing now.

The grave deed holds the answer and I sent them one,they might go over it again. I think they threw anything I sent them away. It does not matter anyway, I found out what an oversight that was staring right at me was so very important!
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