And Justice for some

I see that the Port Jervis police and detectives are arresting the

little fish that desecrated tombstones. For over a year I faxed them the

ownership papers that prove that I am the sole owner of my grandparent’s

tombstone and the plot. Before I moved to Florida I had an inscription put

on the back of it. When my sister was going to move down here with us I

asked her to say a prayer there, she asked the caretaker Richard Quick to

help her find it,he said that he had never seen it. I called   Shawn Parker

to see if  it was there,it was there for almost 70 years. The first person buried

there was my grandmother. She died when she was 59 years  old,my mom

was 21 years old when she had come home after going to college,and had chosen a beautiful marble tombstone with a place to put a Virgin

Mary statue on top. I have the contract for E.ArthurGrayMemorials that

I had paid Mr. Parker for the engraving that amounted to $852.00.

I called Saint Mary’s church first to see if I could have this done,this was

also checked out by Mr, Parker before the engraving was done .He also

 was able to verify any  documentation that is easily available to him. My cousin Mary Ann Rohner was called and said it was fine with her.

She had cancer but told us she was in remission. She came to see my

mom once becouse she wanted some old pictures that we had,she drove

up in a large car. That was when we saw how badly her health was,we

were furious that her husband was letting her drive. I made her some tea,

but I had to help to walk to the bathroom. That’s why I started to hear

from people that her husband was wearing braces to straighten his

crooked teeth,and that he was attending hospice where he met his next

wife Laverne Scully who’s husband also had cancer. When they knew I

was moving that was when I got a phone call from Mr. Parker saying

that Mr. Rohner had come into his office ranting about my inscription.

Then I got another call from Mr.Rohner and my cousin,Mr. Rohner only

used two words when he called over ten times. My speaker phone was

on and I had a witness who could not believe what that man was yelling

F.U. over and over. That’s when I first heard what I already knew he

was prejudiced about Ukrainian names. My inscription was lovely but I

had to include my last name and my mom’s,and my uncle’s last name.

They are all Ukrainian. I wrote Mr. Parker a letter thanking him for how

nice the inscription looked and I said I was sorry about the aftermath but

to remember that I was the owner and if anyone damaged it they would

have to deal with the consequences. I went about my business and had

to much to do after that creepy incident . I do always put things of interest

in files. Last year was  when my sister came to visit was when I thought

anything more about it. I called Mr.Parker to ask him if my tombstone was

still there he assured me it was. Something was not right I could just

sense it. I called someone to take pictures of it for me,when I received

those pictures along with the black heart one that Mr, Rohner had bought

from Gray Memorial’s Inc. after Mary Ann died. On both the front and the

back the only name on it was ROHNER. then I looked at the pictures of

my tombstone it was there but my inscription was gone. I waited until

my sister moved down here and I knew she was safe before I did anything

more. We all were afraid for her,because we already knew he could get

away with anything. We all felt his hate for ethnic names, when my

Uncle Joesph Cherwak died the only way they tracked down his family

were from the letters and cards with my mom’s name on them. She was

the only one who stayed in touch with him or his estate would have gone

to the state of Pa. instead he left the bulk of his estate to my mom. We

loved her first husband and so did she his name was Bill Morgan and her

oldest son’s father. We knew she married because of  love, this man we

knew it was for his money. I never met him but the way he was able to

easily adopt her son by another man and have that marriage annul

led was very baffling. She got the white wedding like her sister had while

Bill Morgan served in Vietnam,Mr.Rohner did not go because he said he

had to take care of his mother. She was very well and was even the

book keeper of the business her father had started.

I did not realize what he was capable of until I called the police and

detectives after I found out that Mr. Parker and Mr. Rohner were not

even questioned about the sandblasted inscription .That was when I

realized there is only justice for some!







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