The Pastor hung up on me!

I called what I thought would be a priest. I went to ST.Mary’s school and though I
never wanted to go back

there I felt I could call him about the trivial matter one of his

congregation was a part in. The first time I called him he answered the phone.

When I asked him politely to talk to him he told me that I could do anything

with the desecrated tombstone. After that I called the always very helpful police

and detectives,they told me not to have my grandparent’s tombstone rein graved.

When I called again,the dear secretary said that Father George was not there. She
told me that he would soon be back. Hold on here- I was now having to decide what
title he preferred. Maybe he liked Reverend best,but Pastor sounds nice too.
Which one was he going to feel like being called today. What a dilemma ,what is a
person supposed to do in this situation? There was no need to worry,he never
called me back. On another occasion I thought to use my cellphone when I get that
feeling I am getting the brush off. His secretary is such a doll, but maybe she just
didn’t think it was funny when I asked if he was in the rectory. It takes time to
write a sermon with the basic topic sound interesting. One man can just do so much.
I asked her if that was what he was doing. I thought maybe he was grocery shopping,
I used my cell phone to call back after he was done. Father George himself
answered I wanted him to ask one of the people in his flock to give me my money
back. That’s when the man of many titles except the right one of being a priest.
That’s when the pastor hung up on me!
We decided to look into why he was there. It seems he got the job 7 years ago,the
year our mother died. He is also the Chaplain for the FireHouse that Mr. Rohner
built for his specifications v , he also gets paid for that,and was chosen by him.
I think that it was no coincidence that I was never given my mother’s documents
and ownership files and it’s worse than we ever imagined. This was a hate crime
condoned by the Catholic church.



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