My sister Marsha was failed by her kindergarten teacher. She had to have eye surgery

that year and wear very dark glasses for awhile, I sent one to Mr. Rohner because my mom

took us to Seaside Heights and she bought each of us the same type my sister had to wear. I

wanted him to see how much Mary Ann looked like her and for the humor she wanted  (for a

short time she knew soon things would never be the  same). I only remember how much fun we

had there. We both loved making sand castles with a deep moat that we liked to take our pails and WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY INSCRIPTION YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL WHY NOT?

shovels and filled our moats with the ocean water. I was a very intuitive child and though I was

the middle child it is the hardest place to be (My mom told me that I was born over 3 weeks later

than I was supposed to be born). My dad used up all of his vacation days,but since I  was not

the boy they hoped I would be, my mother said I was named after a nurse who happened to

work in what was then called St. Frances hospital. We all crossed our fingers 3 years later and

were overjoyed that he was of the right gender. The only problem was that my mom and dad

had difference of opinion as to what to them felt to be the second coming. My mother did the

naming of the girls and relented and he was called by two names when they wanted him for

something, when he would hear us shouting out Michael Charles he  could not get there fast

enough. That was a little bizarre,yes we started to feel the tension between them. One day

we all said to them ,”why did you get married for”?

We lived in one of the houses my grandfather had built,as long as he was still alive I knew

without him saying anything that I was his favorite grandchild. While my mom washed the

dishes she would also see me waiting for him to wake up and start working on one of his

projects and I watched him fascinated by him, but something was instinctively  telling

me to stay by him as much as I could and though he spoke to my mom and his siblings he

brought over from the Ukraine in his native tongue. With me he only spoke  English he had

heard too many of his children tell him that someone was being picked on when they would

say anything in the melodic Ukrainian language. He had even helped and bought stock for

what would soon be the Ukrainian resort in Glen Spey. Since he had helped pay for it we

could use the amenities that would soon be bringing so many there. They would all do some

native singing and dancing and they only served foods that were familiar to me. They had

built two styles of churches. One is made out of wood and the other was more ornate and

the  spired  architecture was painted gold,of course I liked the wooden one better it stood

stoically by it’s competitor with an aura of dignity and grace.  I loved to hear my mother speak

the foreign language and I would always ask to speak it when a person we did not really know

us was around. I got her to do it but was puzzled by her hesitation. I was proud of her, it

was because she was shy and did not like being the center of attention. I  had heard her tell

too many stories of how her parents had suffered and came to this country with burdens and

memories that would not go away. Her brother and sister both got married and had children

they were happy and did not want to hear of this strange part of their families. They did not

want to hear of the weird ways of another culture and how were someway involved with.

Yes they were all spoiled rotten snobs with the world at their feet and if you got in the way,

you were not in  the  picture .  They did not want us in them my mom always took pictures,but

they never took any of us. They must have sensed the terror that we had heard of and now were going to have to deal with what is destined like the runt of the litter.

They were very lucky it skipped over them and easily let go of my mom who every day seemed

to have to deal with what most of our culture take as a given. Do not let the haunted and

wounded near you ,it might be catchy!

My grandfather died from emphysema from the asbestos he used when building. He came from

a cold place and acted like it was best to stay with us. He knew my mother would care for

him and he had already seen our family’s future. He loved my mom and how  soon I would

have to face an abyss he knew we would have to carry by ourselves. He died soon after a

grocery store bought three  of his houses. They also wanted to buy ours. My mother who had

grown up there did not want to sell but my father saw that the family next  door wanted to sell.

It seemed like our father did the opposite of anything my mother wanted. It was true that if

you forget the past you our bound to repeat it. My parents did not love each other, and I often

wonder why she would marry someone who was so opposite of her. I already knew and

accepted mine. We were always aware of our difference and  my coat of armor fit me quite

well. My maternal grandma I only saw pictures of she died when my uncle Ted met his teenage

wife he was 27 her first name was the same as my moms,how creepy! She gave birth to

my cousin Mary Ann when she was 15 years old. It was then that my grandma had a heart


My mother was 21 and graduated from college she came home and her mom died after my mom had</p

brought her an ice cream cone!  (wrong flavor)?

It seems I have heard too many gruesome stories (sorry mom)!  Well I was preparing myself

as best as I could,one good quote from our father was the cheerful “theres not many nice people

out there”! thanks for that one pops.

I knew that long before the warning,but at least he said something to me. We did go on alot

of vacations ,but we tried our best not to go to Jekyll Island.  I admit I am a masochist, well

with all the warnings it seems there is a black cloud over my head.  The one that hurt my mom the most was when our dear cousin stated she needed to find a rich man. She loved her

first husband Bill Morgan and even named their son Bill. Good Idea,not! My mother who

only wanted her to be happy said ” Jim Rohner is available”. Yes my mom shot herself in the

foot after offering such good advice,I can still hear my cousin saying yuck!

How can you fail kindergarten 1 She did not take a nap. 2   slept too long 3 PULLED

SOMEONE’S HAIR?  Did she have to repeat kindergarten?

I had my sister to protect from all those bad people,she has become a con man. Every time

she thinks she has been mistreated she makes sure I call them up to let them know that they

will have to  deal with me.

That parson will have to say l pardon. who is that joker?

When did they start having parsons?  Now I just have  to find that kindergarten teacher. The guy who wanted to give the

ring back with her finger attached.

I’M  going to look for  a 70 year old receipt. I THINK I VACUUM ONCE AND A WHILE,MAYBE.



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