What the poor children are learning to hate!

I have tried as best as I good being in another state. I have called the Port Jervis

Police and Detectives telling them that I was the only one with ownership papers to

which I faxed to almost anyone in Port Jervis! What are the poor children learning is

that if you know the right people you can get away with doing anything! They see the

police just arresting poor ignorant people. They are being arrested for the same thing

that they told me was a frivolous matter. They would not even being interrogated
for anyone that had any information! Now the poor children are sadly learning the

same thing. If you are rich and friends with the Port Jervis finest they will have

a special dinner in your honor,while the police may come by their neighborhoods

on foot patrol. They are learning that they are still to have very much to fear. The

Port Jervis police and detectives are not there to make them feel safe and

protected, no they are arresting their own neighbors for desecrating a tombstone.

Yes they are being charged with a felony and thrown in jail. This is even worse,

the 2 men involved in my case had it done maliciously.

The people arrested and charged were put in jail. They now are learning that just as I

worked over a year to finally realize . They now see 2 men holding their heads up
and being praised,while they were now telling me not to call them ever again!

As I wrote about the pastor hanging up on me. Now I am telling you Rev. George Hafemann is being paid to be Chaplain in that big fancy firehouse and yelled at

me not to bother him again.

The rich man bought a big black heart shaped tombstone where he had only his last name ROHNER engraved on both sides. He buried my cousin there and remarried, will

she be there all by herself? Only time will tell,8 million more Ukrainians than Jews were killed in the Holocaust! Remember Hitler even attended the Olympics he was invited to go there. Our country did nothing for a long time. This is just what happens when you don’t remember the past it might certainly happen again!! I told the detectives
as soon as I saw he did not respectfully put her parent’s Ukrainian last name on
her black hearted tombstone. I knew this was a hate crime from the moment I called
the police, and they threatened to have me arrested for being upset, who and what
kind of people laugh and say that’s not so bad. I am wondering now if my sister was
right that they would get away with it. That’s why I held something back in case
it would turn out even worse than I ever thought! We all could tell she was keeping
something to herself. We did not show are whole hand,because we loved seeing her so happy I was starting to decide whether to expose some information or not. I love
her too much I don’t want her to feel anymore pain. The law firm that is representing them is Bavoso,Plotsky,and Onofry. I have more than
I have seen of how 1 of the men would try to scare my sister she
has a permanent scar that we waited patiently for her to tell us
about. We took her to the doctor who removed 2 injuries for
biopsies! She called the Port Jervis police! He yelled ” this is
my town retard I’ll get you out”.I hope they choke what they can
manage to swallow. We all saw Bob Onofry become the judge in P>J. Now he is the judge for the Surrogate Court. His father
paid for his law school with your tax dollars. Guess who got him just a slap on the wrist. Yes of course his loving son!
copyright all rights reserved


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