I never had the opportunity to meet my maternal grandmother. She
died when she was only 59 years old. My Mom was 21 and witnessed her death. That was in 1951 and mom picked out the beautiful marble tombstone that had a place for her Virgin Mary statue. My
grandma’s name was Mary Suchoruke my mom’s name was Frances Mary
Suchoruke. Her brother my uncle Ted had gotten an under aged girl
named Frances Janofsko pregnant. He married her of course, it was better than getting arrested. Charlie Chaplin had to leave
the country. I have a picture on one of our walls of him, I love that guy,he will have to wait. For similar circumstances we let the
man who for some was the only one who could get them to laugh.
Chaplin was cruelly treated,Oona was with him though. My uncle was
27, the girl was only 15 years old when she gave birth to their first child Mary Ann Suchoruke. Yes everyone blamed this teenager
with the same first name of their beloved daughter now she had
her same last name as well, this young teenager we all were told
by my grandpa this event killed my grandmother. It did not help
my grandfather’s health either, I was told by my mom. Since losing
her college sweetheart my mother in desperation met one of her new
sister in laws friends at a wedding. Yes one of Aunt Fran’s relatives wedding is where my mom settled for and soon would marry my father who she and we had nothing in common with was named William John Prohira. I know you had it tough to dad,you I see had your own story and died too soon to tell him I understand more now.He died when he was 59 and before I got to
tell him. I found out what burdens he to had to bear(sorry dad).

She was getting close to 30 and that
would make her an old maid. That was a card game I loved to win, my friends hands would shake when it got down to 2 cards left and
breathe a sigh of relief. They laughed gleefully and were baffled
by my shout of joy and I would even cross my fingers to get that
funny old maid card. My Dave is making a joke right now, yes I will include it he’s saying “in Texas gals put a quarter and hold
it tightly between their knees if they did not want any thing to
happen he says that’s a Texas form of birth control”! He’s laughing
at me but I see the pride in his eyes as he is getting to start
to feel I’m ignoring him too much. He bears with it, he sees my
finger’s flying typing a mile a minute, then it takes more time to edit but he says
“baby you have a gift USE IT!”

copyright all rights reserved


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