Documents Unrequired

So Tuesday there is going to be a night where Port Jervis recognizes that
there is a crime problem. What kind of crimes are helped by celebrations and eating
food? I have worked so hard to get anyone’s help to acknowledge I have had a crime
of desecration of my grandparent’s tombstone. They told me it’s a family matter. No
this was a malicious crime that included prejudice! Do not dismiss an act of hate!
My tombstone with my paid inscription Mr.Shaun Parker cashed my check and we both
agreed that the engraving had been beautifully done. He is not a child this is what
he chooses to do as his profession,and he is very professional and has done this long
enough to do things correctly, he also has easy access to any tombstone and plot
on file. To read his notarized statements concerning my knowledge of or lack there of
my ownership is a slap to the face. He chose and I can prove that he had full
documented and hand written proof of that. By signing a false statement in front
of witnesses Mr.Shaun Parker committed an act of perjury! Do not celebrate by having
a party. Crimes should not be confronted on one day,but on every day! By setting
this example you are misdirecting the evil acts and downsizing them. You made the
sandblasting of my inscription seem to be a trivial thing! When it is now
categorized as for what I said from the very beginning I called it a crime. It is
still one and by ignoring this the police and detectives have proven they have no
respect for the law! In Port Jervis N.Y. law enforcement is unjustly applicable to
when and who is involved. This is not justice for all. Police and detectives should
only do what the citizens of this city rightfully pay their taxes for. Laws and
enforcement of them through unbiased eyes , and officers deploying them. If not the Mayor
should make sure they are doing their duty as expected of them. In my case you
brushed it aside and did not even care enough to look at what was a hate crime and
laughed like children as you listened to me begging for your help.You told me not
to bother you anymore.
Do you think I was enjoying having to leave messages that you never acted on. By
doing nothing you made our pain feel as if our mother had died not once,but many
times! We cannot live with that fact. Your fate is now in other hands.
copyright all rights reserved


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