Mr Shaun P. Parker was paid $842 from me he put

my inscription on the back of my tombstone that

he had confirmed I had sole ownership of. He

knew I was moving . Instead of ignoring an

unscrupulous non blood related person,but a friend of his he did

the unthinkable! He had Gray Memorials Inc,

remove my tombstone from St. Mary’s

cemetery and sandblasted the epitaph ,to honor our

mom +my uncle Joe a Veteran of WW2 from 41-45 off the

back of my own tombstone. You are probable saying why did I not

get an attorney? If you ever had to deal with one you will

understand. Most people say the two words good attorney is an

oxymoron. I had two of them for this case ,I finally found the

right agency that would take this case Jacobowitz & Gubits

, and are still waiting for the medical damage committed

by the friend of Mr. Shaun P. Parker. Why was this extreme action allowed
and condoned by the church+authorities? They could they just have

put an evergreen bush up and I would have allowed them to do

so even though I have never met Mr. Shaun P.Parker’s friend(it

was never explained to me.) Why would they be so angry about the lovely epitaph. WELL,WELL,,it’s all about the money left

only to my mom,goodness I should have realized that was one

reason. The other I told them was our added Ukrainian names .That he

hated in my inscription, that was confirmed when I saw the

blackhearted tombstone bought for my cousin after she died. On

the front and the back this (egomaniac )had his own adored last

name engraved with only (in his opinion), the only one that was

acceptable ROHNER. He was wearing braces to fix his

crooked teeth while my cousin was in the payback to Parker

tombstone.He is remarried and  happy(he got away with it), he did not even

engrave her parent’s last name of Suchoruke. What baffled me is

he also did not have her first name on it either. Was she

hatched out of an egg? He just did not want to have ethnic

names of any kind associated to her. She will in my opinion

be the only person buried there. That is what I think what he

wanted towards the end. She was in remission. Then what else

could be the reason she succumbed to the disease that she fought

off over ten years. Does that also have to be looked into?

Remember the spouse is always questioned in any event.

Another misstep by the boys in blue? uh-oh!
Meanwhile I had to watch in amazement as the two men involved in

my case..
were not looked as suspects. They were never questioned or

investigated by the diligent Port Jervis detectives ? This case
is not closed, but now

in other hands. I am told that this will be handled

accordingly. My treatment by the men

in blue who ignored their oath to protect and serve. They

laughed and told me I was upset
over nothing.I was told not to bother them ,and never to call
them again! He did not even feel a sense of obligation

to reimburse me. They treated me like a criminal and never even

apologized. These three people and or businesses Gray Parker

Funeral Home, Gray Memorials Inc., Mr. Shaun P. Parker,all have

the same telephone numbers?

You have to remember that Mr. Shaun P. Parker is riding on his
father’s Mr. Donald Parker’s coat tails . He
should be ashamed just for doing that! He is the one I paid and
I did not want to involve anyone else.  I was given

the impression that he was the owner of these places.
He is the

one who said I had to file against Gray Memorials Inc.
Even though I knew mom liked the owner of that place,and I

thought he had run for something and was not in that any more.
When Marsha came to Fla.we had something else to worry

about.We both knew something was very wrong.
That is why I filed in the wrong jurisdiction. My
sister was hiding something, and when we finally
found out what it entailed. I knew that this was too much for us.
First I filed in Fla. and was told I had filed in the wrong jurisdiction.My case was dismissed for that reason, they were
telling people I had lost the case. The fact is that I was  told by the
judge that I had to file in N.Y. I called the N.Y. Bar and
the law firm of Jacobowitz& Gubits  had Antoinette Caruso,
an attorney? She  would take my case,all she took was $500

and resigned due to a conflict of interest.I should have been
told by one of her partner’s Robert Depardo who she always

conferred with from the start. They even withheld documents from

me. I had to get my C.O.A.s from Surrogates court ourselves. Our

attorney my brother got for probate (my mom told us she had

taken care of all that legal stuff herself.) My brother never

listened to her and I was too dis trout to ever think he would

get one when we did not need one. He was always goofy, I said to

him “don’t you ever read the papers” I knew that was a big NO,

maybe the funnies! I said you just hired Vern Lazaroff who was

just fired from the Synagogue. He answered “the Onofrys were more expensive.”My younger brother was a little put off by my reaction.
Thus, we were now the proud clients of the one and I hope only one
Vern Lazaroff! He remains a mystery to me . He handled what little
he had to do with what seemed to be with great effort .He even tried to
pit us against each other. Vern does have a nice soothing voice, but
don’t ever call him on Sunday . I thought since he was Jewish that
he would not mind if I had to call and ask him something. Big mis-tack
I heard the Mr. Hyde side come out “don,t ever and I mean it, never
call on Sundays understand?”Gotcha,no problem and hung up the
phone. I was not shocked when he had forgotten to have Marsha sign off on
something and she had to arrange a time to sign or it would be too
late to do so. This was what you call frivolous. When I learned he had
not even closed my mom’s file it came as no surprise. In fact if he  had
done his job well, that would have been the  surprise. My mom was always,
or a lot of times reading Money or Forbes magazines. My sister and I liked
the same books non fiction and biographies,my father and my
brother just looked at the pictures. I will one day write more
about dad,because any time he had to take a test to get up the ladder. I would watch in disbelief at how long and hard he would
study. My mom was glad when he would quietly show  her he had the
top grade. Mom I loved you so,why did you just love the dog?
copyright all rights reserved


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