My uncle Ted was 27 years old and worked all his life,then a
15 year old girl with only one thing on her mind SEX! My
grandparents both hated her and she had my their darling
daughter’s first name. She was Frances Janosko and kept putting notes in their son’s lunchbox! She had a good view from her house.
She lived with her father,her mother lived in Rochester N.Y.
I don’t know but from what I was told she was kicked out when her
father came home early that day! She was homeless! Her only way
out was to get pregnant by my handsome hardworking uncle,who had
big muscles. He had other girlfriends but he was never this hotly pursued. What’s a guy to do! Of course,he took her home
she was allowed to stay. My grandparent’s were not happy to do
this,but they loved their son too much that they agreed with
what they all knew was an impossible fate.This helped kill my
They knew she would get pregnant,that was better than having
her father put him in jail for sex with a minor!
They had a nice little wedding,they had to get married of course,she was pregnant and the first child they had was my
cousin Mary Ann. They all loved the sweet little girl,and they
had to spend a lot of time with her. Her mother Aunt Fran was
always going to visit her mother in Rochester. How my mom
hated there was a woman with her exact name in the same small
town,but she loved Mary Ann. We all did! I was given my first
pet by her. How I loved the beautiful white ball of fur. I
immediately named her Daisy.I remember taking my first picture
with mom,s camera and how well it turned out,the snow was white
and Daisy is watching her first snow fall. What makes it so
special is the way you notice there are many different shades of
white and her surprise at seeing the snow. Mary Ann was our only
babysitter and we were a handful,she was so scared when Mike
locked himself in the bathroom and no matter what she said he would not unlock the door. She was so upset,and Marsha and I
were not able to help because we started to laugh at her.She
was always loving and fun and we even went to the city to see
the Magic Show in the theater. We walked around the city that I would always love more than any other and still occasionally
visit. I told Mary Ann that I wanted to live there and she said she would never leave Port Jervis! I said look at all the
things there are here,and she gave the same answer her mother
had once said “so what”!
We would paint her fingernails and not know where mom kept the nail polish remover,she was frantic. She looked all over for it. We had made such a mess with her nails and was going on a
date when my parent’s came home.
That was about in an hour still. She was popular and must have
been sick that her date would see how we had messed up her nails. When she met Bill Morgan it was the first time I got to
see someone fall in love. I do believe that there is such a
thing as meeting your soul mate and love at first sight. That
is how they were. We were in love with him too.

copyright all rights reserved


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