We sometimes like to take long drives. I remember the first time I asked
about a large barren building,it looked like it was empty. I said what’s that?
I was told it was an orphanage. They have orphanages in our country? I never
thought about it before. I turned to get a better view,I don’t think that one is
one there were no signs or any sightings of anything.
Yes that’s open they just don’t get much funding,for swings and things of that sort.
Why don’t the movie stars get there kids there. I don’t know dear,I just don’t know.
It looks like something from Oliver Twist. Are they all over the place hidden?
I heard the story then about Melvin Hershey the candy man. That’s what all people
should do I retorted!
I said that after listening from someone kind and knowing. Mr. Hershey and his wife
could not have children,and like the pied piper he sheltered many homeless children.
Now this is my kind of guy I thought. He not only invented milk chocolate,he had
a heart of gold ,maybe chocolate.
When he died he left all of his money to an orphanage,and it’s still there. I thought some more about it and came out and said “do
they get to stay there forever? No I think when they become of age they have to leave. Come of age! What age? I think 18. Do they get some money? I don’t know,now calm down! Well I bet they
get something this Hershey guy probably thought about that too.
Of course! You know life’s tough enough, why didn’t you just get kids from there? That’s what I would do. I wish I had
in of course Hershey Pa. A place so wonderful it smells like candy, they give you
a candy bar. They have one of the best roller-coasters. It’s a great place to one
of my hero’s . I have others on that list,but a part of my heart is chocolate.
copyright all rights reserved


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