Glory Days

I remember your first name now, and have discovered how you
came crawling back (GLORY DAYS.) What a creep, you were the one
who made my life a living hell!
Let’s see first I thought I heard you were exiled out in the
the pacific ocean. I think that’s a good place for you,how many
monkeys jumped out of trees and landed on your head,lots
I hope! I heard about you in high school . You would do anything
on a dare,you drank from a cup after everyone had spit in it!UGH!
Then on a dare (as long as you had an audience) they said you
wanted to pick the ugliest(to be ugly just cut all your hair off and not wear make up and still I always had a fan )and the least popular(don’t talk or join sports) girl in the
school to mess with. Come on and take a guess,you chose me.
I was embarrassed and horrified!
Yes I always heard about things,I don’t know how. Nobody talked
very much to
me, and I was fine with that believe me. You were the adopted kid,though I think you heard “you were not born under my heart,
but in it” too many times. You and your sister .
I wanted to be invisible and you
started this up! I was now being noticed and laughed at! Why
couldn’t you pick on anyone but me?
You acted like a lunatic! I now had another problem I had to
find the nearest exit every time you did anything weird!
I was starting to become anorexic because of all that running
I had to do! Everywhere I looked there you were, I was
mortified.You even had a girlfriend when you started your
little game! I am not surprised
you are an attorney, you liked
to lord it over everyone. Do you like defending criminals or do
you like the power of putting an innocent person in jail?
Either way you lose. I was so glad you were a year older and
my nightmare with you ended,but I really almost quit school
because of it! I bet your in that tombstone fiasco too! When
are you going to run for mayor?
In my senior year I saw the person that I would have hooked up
with. He was sweet and kind and so were his friends, I found out
he thought I was cute. I still had foreseen the future ( I truly
was happy for you, Sandy, when you got married.) I will always remember you. You were an in between you were not into sports too much and you talked to everyone, but not much. Your smile melted my
heart,(I’m sorry I acted the way I did,I did it for you.) So you
would have a chance be happy and you are.

copyright all rights reserved


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