The ten year old stalker

When I was staying  for an overnight at my friend’s
house,she said something creepy “do you have a cat” everybody has
a cat or one lurking around the yard. I was ten years old and
I found myself alone with a tri – sexual girl. I had never even
heard that one existed. Yes she liked boys,girls,and hold on. I
feel strange about it even now. She showed me what she liked her cat
to do to her. I was repulsed to put it mildly! You got it. No.
Well let me explain I watched her pull down her panties and the
cat ran like a rocket to her private spot. She began to lick
ravenously in that area. My friend just loved it, I screamed for
my mama! I got to the phone praying she was there,if not I think
my friend was starting to stand up to see where I went. Thank the
lord mom answered. What to say “HELP COME AND GET ME”. Oh no my
friend thought I was yelling for her. I ran out of her house
and ran like I was being chased by a rapist. Wait I was being
chased by a ten year old rapist,who was a girl,holy hell!
I managed to get home by myself,but did she give up on me,NO!
“We would have to move” I screamed as I went around locking all
the doors! It seems she liked the thrill of the chase. Mom said
“whats happened now?” “Mom don’t let her in” as my friend rang the doorbell! “Why not she seems nice,” “no believe me please she;s
not.” I was so out of breath my mother did not quite understand
the situation. She thought I said to let her in! Thank God my
door had a lock on it,but to be on the safe side I pulled my
chair in front of my door. Mom knocked on my door saying “your
friend is here dear.” I yelled “I feel really sick mom!” ” Whats
wrong with you?” “I just want to rest for a while it;s really nothing don’t worry.” ” I will tell her she can come back
tomorrow.” All right where was I supposed to go and how was I
going to get there. I felt miserable how was I going to handle
I did not want to go to school the next day. I had to think of
something fast, I looked around the room for some reason I don’t
know. Wallah I saw my box of art supplies,I scrambled around the box and found my box of coloring pencils and grabbed the
red one. For the next hour I carefully applied little spots
all over me. I went to sleep and was awakened by my sister trying to get in the room that we shared. I quickly pulled the chair away and unlocked the door,”you have the measles.” Marsha said. Yes it worked I had everyone thinking I had contacted the measles that was
going around. Everyone waited on me the doctor said to just
rest and drink plenty of fluids. He said I could not watch T.V.
Why I don’t know,but I was not put off by that since I had a
stack of books by me. Mom came in and saw me reading, the doctor said you should not read either. For almost two weeks I
stayed in bed, then one day I could not take this any more. I
washed the spots off and was ready to face the music. I went to
school but by the end of the day I felt sick. Yes now I had the
real measles. Mom said how could this be? I don’t know I must
have caught them again! Another two weeks in bed with plenty of fluids.

copyright all rights reserved


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