The Port Jervis police and detectives should now know
the latest update. I paid Shaun Parker $852 but I trusted him to
do it,I was leaving town. Now I understand what happened. He never
had the engraving done. He just cashed my check! That is why no one
saw it,it never was engraved! He sent me a photo shopped picture.
Now I know why you treated me like that. There is no one that
has seen it. What a shock! Please look at this in a new way,he
just kept my money. He did not hire an engraver. I was told that
by someone else,I never thought of it. What he expected that I
would not come back and find out the inscription was not there.
All I had was one picture from him. I believed he had it done.
NO! That never ac-cured to me. He committed fraud!when he stated
he returned to the way it was done first. There would be only 2
names Mary and Dmytro Suchoruke. If I had put a statue there I
would have it facing the back where my engraving was supposed to
be. It was hard for me to take all this new information. Just
try to see this differently like I had to do.
copyright all rights reserved


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