First $1000 Reward Ad

DISCLAIMER: I am still willing to reward $1000 for any info. 941-615-7129


that was what the police I

This is may uncle Joseph Cherwak

He was a WW 2 veteran from 1941-1945

This is the man P.J, police did nothing for.

HE served our country was that not enough?

evil in a cemetery WW2 Veteran’s name was
sandblasted off his family’s tombstone

It's a Family Matter

I  am the sole

owner with documents to prove it!

Gray memorials sandblasted the inscription I had paid $852 to have it engraved. I was

told by Shaun Parker who cashed my check and had access to al l of the files that it was a beautiful job. He has been in this chosen profession and  makes sure he does his job

with professionalism and respect. His father had even died from the same disease that

killed our mom. He listened to his friend who had an issue with me ading two more Ukrainian names to my own grandparents tombstone. I went to Surragate court and have

the papers of ownership. He listened to his friend who is not a blood relative ,all he is is my cousin Mary ann’s second husband. When they knew I left he promised Shaun that

he would continue doing  business with him. He bought a black heart shaped tombstone when  my cousin died. The only name in large lettes on bath sides is his last name

Her parents name was not put on and either was her first name. It is disturbing and cruel.

I told the police this was a hate crime against ethnic names. where does ROHNER come from any way. If he hated it so much plant an evergreen there. Even then he would have had to get my permission.I am the owner of the monument and the plot!

Do you want to steal it from me ? The police won’t have a problem with that. They said

it was a family matter . I have never met you and never plan to,you had braces put on your crooked teeth when my cousin was undergoing chemotherapy! Now your

married to Laverne Scully who you met at hospice when her husband Mike was dying

of cancer too! M y offer of $1000 still stands even if you are just the man who engraved this inscription. Or was there one at all?I only have one picture and that is from Shaun Parker.

copyright all rights reserved


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