This is a pro race car driver getting the chance to get rid of one of his younger competitors! He smelled new blood! He was well aware, race cars are a weapon! I hope he is charged with murder with a deadly weapon! He want’s to win so badly that he had to do in one of the new kids on the block.
There are rules and overrides in NASCAR he broke the very worse one. You pig you just got your go directly to jail card! Kevin Ward Jr. was a victim ,he was in the way of an egomaniac! As in all sports you are thought to play fair. He probably got a good look
in the mirror and did not like what he saw. He was getting old in a sport that requires fast reflexes.It requires a law of ethics. Tony Stewart just plays dirty! His fame just got very tarnished. Dedicate the racetrack to Kevin Ward Jr. It should say racing was in his blood,but play fair. Make each person read it before watching the race! Don’t let this be brushed aside,make sure this vindictive act will always be remembered!!

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