Warhol’s 15 minutes

Have you ever had to write a little about yourself type of   thing. I was

told  that they wanted to know more about me. “Like what” I replied.

My favorite books  A Confederacy of Dunces,The Dark Quartet,and

He Couldn’t Have Gotten Very Far on Foot.  My favorite movies are

The Young Mr. Lincoln,The Go Between and Far From the Madding

Crowd.  Then I was asked what were my hobbies, I  suddenly

realized  what a drag this was getting to be , I said ” why

in the world would anyone want to know these things”? “Now that your  out there”.

“Out where, what are you talking about, I hardly leave  our house”.

We finally live in the perfect place, in a nice town and I like my

privacy. The man told me that he was a fan of mine, yes Warhol was

right. Everyone gets there 15 minutes! Forgive me Mr. John Steinbeck you to me remain unequaled. The Winter of our Discontent, Travels with Charlie and so many of your
other works. Will always remain the one’s that influenced my
interest in writing . It was from you that I learned, if you have
a dog with you people are more open to talking with you.
What a lesson well learned! How you hated any invasion of your
tormented private life. Watch the movie Full House, Steinbeck himself is the narrator. He introduces you to the wondrous short
stories by O’Henry. The gift of the Maggi and so many others.
Another fascinating fact is the director of this film was Alfred Hitchcock! We knew of his famous walk ons in most of the movies he directed, if was not hard to miss his famous profile. The O’Henry’s Full House is a collaboration of his many famous
short stories that became famous, The Gift o the Maji, The Last Leaf, and many others. Every famous actor and actress wanted to
be in this film (O’Henry’s Full House.) I hope you can find it to enjoy. It is worth seeing how imposing and handsome Steinbeck was with the voice you had only wished he had. He had it in spades!

copyright all rights reserved

copyright all rights reserved


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