Do the right thing

For over a year you have known who wanted my loving inscription
taken off. I have all the ownership papers and documents. No one
called us when the law was passed ,that made desecration of a
tombstone a federal crime. you arrested others but have not given me the justice we deserve. We still cry about how badly we were
treated. I know I was supposed to go there and file in the right
jurisdiction. I could not do it for personal reasons. Look and
see when my sister had to call the police. Rohner started to get
his kicks by swerving his SUV at her. He would follow her in his
paid by the citizens truck (he even gets free gas)! One time
though he went too far and he caused her to fall. She was so afraid of him. She still is,we will hear what the doctors results will be.
Even with a permanent scar will you still cover for him? This is assault with a deadly weapon. Your having an event to show the citizens of Port Jervis N.Y. how you do not abide and indorse crime. What it looks like to me is another chance to

copyright all rights reserved


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