When I heard that he died by afixiation I knew that he had
hanged himself. It is hard being a comedian,you must feel like
you always have to say or do something funny ! He had to be on whether he felt like it or not. Imagine that!
You are expected to always have to keep people amused. I know I
would hate that. He also was an only child from a rich family. As
a child for the most part he played by himself with his toy
soldiers. He must have been very lonely.
He found the way out of this was to make people laugh. He called
himself a hairy monster. Guess who his roommate was at Yale?
Christopher Reeve, he was compared to his friend Superman. The
most handsome man to some.That would be like Jennifer Aniston
sharing a room with Angelina Jolie.
I think though it probably started trying to get his parent’s
attention. I liked the show Mork + Mindy, but his manic ways
seemed like he was trying to hard to be funny! (FORCED)?
He was on the Dick Cavett show once, running around and going
to each person to make sure they all thought he was funny.
The always bemused Cavett said ” he’s struck by his own humor”.
I remember thinking what a nasty thing that was to say of one
of his own quests. I heard Cavett suffered with depression too.
He had it easier, no one thought or expected him to say anything
funny. Robin and his college roommate Chris remained very good
friends, even after they both graduated and became famous.
He saw all the interests Chris had in about everything. He was
good at anything,he played polo,he surfed,he sang and then he
was cast in the role he became famous for the Superman movies.
He was perfect for the part, I liked the one where he had to
become bad and then good again. I refuse to look up the title
of that one, you can do it yourself. When he became a ghost
of himself I did not want to see him that way. Robin Williams
could not stand to see it too.His wife Dana made the wrong decision.
His parent’s begged her to not keep him hooked up to machines . Dana had the choice,she did not let him die with
dignity. Robin watched his best friend who loved life, but not
this way. He started down the dark road then, he saw the pain
relentlessly consume the man he envied and loved. He died
from lack of care! Someone was supposed to turn him over every
once and awhile. No one did, he died from the open wounds that
only develop when their not being watched carefully. This was what
Robin Williams learned and he and the parents blamed Dana,and
rightfully so.The man of steel was a vegetable. There was
karma for Dana she died soon after from singing in too many
smokey saloons inhaling secant hand smoke. Andy Kaufmam died
from the same thing and some people thought Andy was trying to
get laughs to the very end of his life. Robin Williams had
lots of ghosts haunting him,they don’t dissapear and were always
remembered by him until he pushed them away forever.

copright all rights reserved


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