T shirts! Wear em Proud!

This is a joke right. I can’t imagine anyone wearing
something like that. It is very funny! Does someone pay them to
wear them. We figured that had to be it. Oh please help me I love
Port Jervis.(Another day in Port Jervis). I think someone is
counting the days that they are there.
It reminds me of someone banished to Alcatraz making little
scratches on their prison cell wall counting the days off. It’s
weird! I remember my favorite radio station was saying they were
coming and giving tickets to some concert or something,then they had someone go there. They got freaked out and never came!” No
I do not want that for Christmas.” What business owner thought
that one up! Well we started our day with a good laugh. We still
are laughing. Can I have one please I can throw darts at it!
Is he getting senile, maybe that’s why everyone treats him like
a baby. Now I know why my inscription bothered him, he’s
living in fantasy land ! Mama, mama she is saying bad things about
me, yes she is mama.   Rohner, your a mama’s boy. Is she a vampire
or something. She’s.. like the energizer bunny she keeps going and going .People are placing  bets  for   the day when it happens. Someone
will get rich with all the bets people are making! I’m sure they will fly the flag at half mast and close all the little businesses down
and declare it a holiday. I’m sure Shaun will hold your soft un
calloused hand and you will tearfully choose the finest box
for her eternity. Yes we know Shaun will take good care of her
baby. Making sure to move you towards the most expensive ones. She deserves the best don’t you think Jimmy? Maybe you will be so distraught, you might jump
in there with her. They will have to drag you away with you
saying ” I can’t live without my mama.”

copyright all rights reserved


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