Alex Jones Is right! Prepare yourselves,make sure you are
able to fend for yourselves! Did you buy a new appliance lately?
Have you been forced to have a smart meter? Now anything you say
or do is being heard,nothing you do is private. Journalists are
being censored! They don’t want you to read about how many
people are being arrested for such little things. Did you ever
have to put a battery in your camera? I’m sure many of us think
nothing of doing that. If your in someplace like McDonald’s waiting
for your order,if you do it now you can be arrested! Even if you
cough a little bit,yes they can arrest you for that too.
Things are getting out of hand. Why would the President agree to
allow 2 doctors back into this country, knowing they have a
disease they contacted that is be compared to the bubonic plague!

There is no cure for it,and is extremely contagious( What do we have to do)? Do they want to kill us off?
There is no longer any guidelines for immigration. Do you know
what that means. Unlimited amounts of indigents will be running
rampant in this country. There will be too many to be contained!
There will not be enough enforcement in our country,it is going
to happen too fast and too soon. Be alert and armed, it is on
it’s way. The next civil war.

copyright all rights reserved


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