I just read the post about how much these animals can do,
with their keen sense of smell they help the police track down
the bad guys,and then they even retire with them.
Dogs always amaze me,our little dog just looks at us and we
understand what she wants. It’s some telepathy thing. I’ve had
one most of the times in my life. Each one were very different
from the other. Our sweet chihuahua is so special to us. Her
favorite holiday is Halloween.This coming year will be her 3rd
one. The first time we decided to dress her up to look like a
bumblebee. It was Dave’s idea,not mine. He was hilarious. When
the doorbell rang he would open the door asking the children if
they had seen any big bumblebees around. Then he would pick her
up from behind the door,” here’s one ” he would say. The little
ones would look up with disbelief as he held the bowl full of candy for them to take. They were quite a hit with the kids. I
would listen to all of this silliness while trying to finish one
more typed up advertisement. Minerva was getting tired of this
pretty quickly,and tried to jump on my lap. This did not stop
him,he would track her down and continue doing this until the
candy ran out. I could hear them down the street saying “did you
see that cute little doggie”. Yes they were not being fooled,but
you could tell they were happy to see the two of them. I think
Dave would have dressed like one if they had his size. One
father retorted “that’s one well fed chihuahua”! I’m the one
who can’t pass up the chance to get a dog,getting her was quite
a feat. I read the pinned up ad as I was going into a grocery
store. Chihuahua for sale,I wrote down the phone number and did
the shopping. Our house had included a doggie door,so we had
been trying to get one for some time. We would always go to the
shelters to find one. In Florida people take the smaller dogs
and foster care for them,we were not told when one would be
ready for adoption. We got the ferrets. They seemed harmless. We
returned them the next day and had to have recovery time from
the day of terror. I called the lady up and we were on our way to an address even the GPS was giving us directions to what
seemed to be the middle of nowhere. We saw a mail truck and
waved at him as if we were having some kind of trouble.
He was very nice and told us we just had to go a mile back make
a right turn at the light. I looked at the numbers on the street
and said”there it is”. We were expected and a couple came out
each one holding a puppy . I ran up to the trio-colored one and Dave went over to the one like taco bell. We all went into the
backyard and they pointed to a black dog. That is their daddy.
They had a young boy holding a cat,he told me that he liked the one that Dave was holding better. I asked the mother which
one liked to be held the most. She must have seen I already
had decided. The one your holding, I looked at the soft baby
girl and said “I’m calling you Minerva” I had not thought
about it,and everyone said that’s unusual,but beautiful. A perfect name for my perfect dog. She does not think she is one.
When we walk her she ignores any dog that comes our way, she
is a good watch dog too. Even Margie who lives next door and
advised us not to get one loves her. She loves the outfits I
buy for her and will not sleep until we change her into one
of her night time wear. We wanted to get another for her to play
with. Daddy brought home a little friend for her. She watched
as Dave played with the dog hoping she would join in. Far from
that, it was the first time I had ever seen a dog cry before.
The teardrops fell on her nose,I thought she might need a tissue! She wanted to remain an only child who had our full attention. She loves the water and swims so well,she also likes to take a bath.As I said dogs amaze me.

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