Evil In a cemetary

evil in a cemetery

WW2 Veteran’s name was
sandblasted off his family’s tombstone

I paid Shaun Parker $852 to have this epitaph put on the back of

of my own tombstone! I have the contract and the same ones that

show I am the sole owner of both the stone+plot. He was very

professional and did not have this done without having access on file.

He knew I was moving and I trusted him. I only found out last year

that my 70 year old  grandparent’s tombstone was removed from St.

Mary’s cemetery in Port Jervis N.Y. and sandblasted my inscription off!

What I found out through my $1000 reward ad that I placed on

Memorial Day was more than I ever expected. No engraver? Did he

just cash my check and not have the work done? I only have one

picture of it and it was sent to me by Shaun Parker. That’s when the

detectives mentioned photo shopped. I did not understand what they

meant at the time. They kept referring to my mom’s Virgin Mary statue.

I said”if I put that on it would be facing my inscription.” This statue was

put on the lovely marble stone with a place for my 21 year old heart

broken mother who  had just lost the first person buried there, her

mother and my grandmother Mary Suchoruke. ” I have simply

tried to do what seemed best each day , as each day came.”

Abraham Lincoln.  I tried my best to see justice done and even went

to Surrogate court to get the the C.O.A. papers. You know what kind of

information we have mom. We will have justice then but you loved

Marsha too, you know this is more prevalent. You know we can handle

this, we are strong and have gone to other authorities. This is too

serious, the tombstone is secondary now. I did not know how afraid

he was making her, she did call the Police in 2009. They should still have it

on file. Slowly we are coming to the very serious conclusion,and why there

is that scar on the side of her face.

copyright all rights reserved




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