Another Beautiful Day In Port Jervis?

I see it on all weather channels and from the people themselves

7,ooo without power, in a city of about 9,ooo. What a nightmare the rain

came down violently . Trees were falling, roofs are caving in. The underpass

which is supposed to offset some of the rivers overflow, is leaving cars stranded there instead. I have not been able to get in contact with some

friends that still live there. I tell them”you know you are always welcome

here.” They are being evacuated from there homes, but many do not leave.

They tell them “we are just getting ready to go.” Go where?

Most  want to stay and guard their belonging’s. Who would they be most

afraid of? Take a guess, you are right if you said the authorities, this is their

chance to go into homes and legally rob you blind!

No one leaves because of this well known fact . Many have little life rafts and  circle around there homes. Sometimes it’s looked upon as a way to

get to finally meet their neighbors.

Since it is still summer hopefully their homes will have a chance to dry out.

In the winter we would watch when there were long rainfalls. We knew

along with the rain would mean (especially in the later part of winter) that

snow would be melting raising up to the danger levels marks on the side

of the Delaware river. That would entail another disturbing effect, (ice jams.)

They were the most feared in this small city surrounded by two rivers.

It is in a valley, and if you can’t cross either bridge. You had better

  be prepared with batteries, water,canned goods and candles. Most houses are 2

stories with a basement and an attic. The trees are quite an issue, as they

are assaulted by heavy down pours with the leaves adding to their weight

making many large branches snapping off of trees planted about  one

hundred years ago. This was an unexpected storm of great magnitude.

They will most likely provide temporary shelters to those in need. The

schools haven’t opened there yet. So many might be able to go to one of

them. But how? without power your cell phones might go dead before

asking officials of ways to get there, the elderly will suffer the most. Most

have to leave pets behind along with treasured possessions. Keep them

in your thoughts and remember no one anywhere is immune to some

form of disaster  just  waiting to happen.

copyright all rights reserved


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