Port Jervis BRAVEST

I did not want it to seem that I do not know how lucky and how each and every one of the citizens of Port Jervis N.Y. (my hometown) greatly admire

and appreciate every man and woman who courageously make lives so much better to bear . Not just during floods and mother natures wrath,but

each and every day! They put themselves out there in order to help. With

great gratitude to  the firemen and officials who worked long and hard to

make sure each and every person was safe and secure during this latest of

many  encounters. Too much for others, but with true bravery these men and women are there at your time of need, no matter how big or small!

I see the care and concern on their faces. These small town heroes are always there to help you . They have no days off. They do it to be able to

serve and protect expecting no accolades in return. They sleep well at night

with the knowledge by example their children will be there to fill in  one day.

They are to be looked upon with admiration and pride. I’m sure their

families are sometimes without their dads,because dad was answering a

call for help. I lived alone trying to sell my white elephant of a house that

never as I recall ever had leaks in the basement,but that year it did, I tried to stop it myself. The ground outside was hard and I went about my business

of correcting this matter by myself. I called  friends who told me “don’t you

have a sump pump?” I went out and got one ,the one I purchased was only for taking water out of the cover of a swimming pool(I’m an idiot!)

I returned that one and was assured that this

other would control the situation.

“Just don’t get in contact with the electric cord if it falls in the water.” What comforting words.” I brought in all the garbage pails and water buckets. I

was determined to handle this myself (what a nut!) I was running up and down stairs as my dog looked at me bewildered. What was her master trying to do now? Not much, that’s for sure as I saw the water keep streaming in.

I never like to ask for help, but saw the water getting closer to the furnace level, I called the fire station and they were by my side in minutes. They saw I was frantic. To try to calm me one man said”she sure gave it the old college

try!” I laughed and cried at the same time. I was so grateful they were there!

If you live in my hometown you are very lucky. To have these men that

serve and protect is something that I will never forget.

copyright all rights reserved



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