Henry Fonda    was   mom’s       favorite actor .   I would tape movies with him in them, she

could watch them whenever she wanted to. I usually watched with her.

our favorite was The young Mr .Lincoln. Mr. Fonda became as near as was

possible to replicate him. He even had them looking like him(which was no

small feat.) The film was directed by John Ford who made each movie he worked on into a piece of art. Fonda really captured Lincoln’s mannerisms and quirks. he was also tall and lanky with a serious look .

He was a tortured soul. In those days you became known for

getting to the truth of the case on hand. Winning his first famous case he

even had to say that the man who was accusing his client”could not even

see his own hand in front of his face that night.” He had done his research

and had found out there was no moon out that night. Lincoln became

f amuse over night! We all see what fame does to people. It makes them

paranoid and nervous. Back then though it was different, they just kept working. In Lincoln’s case he would relax by sitting in a rocking chair with

his feet on the front porch railing, just thinking. In the movie the Wizard

of Oz the straw man would be singing ” I would be happy just thikin I could be another Lincoln if I only had a brain.” Does that make any sense to any

one?” If you are dancing and singing of course he had one already. They all had all along the things they wanted from the wizard,all he had to do was

give out diplomas and offer some good advice. What makes that movie special is when Dorothy opens the door and the movie gets colorized,and you get to hear Judy Garland sing Over the Rainbow (pure magic.)

It took Lincoln 30 minutes on a train to write The Gettysburg Address!

If you go to this historic town,where so much blood was shed and read

how many lives were lost. The civil war quote from Lincoln, he is referring

to his oncoming assassination,”I have simply tried to do what seemed best each day, as each day came.”

At the end of The Young Mr.Lincoln, you hear his mother who died early in his life say “I wonder what became of my boy Abe   , did people like him? Was he

a good man?” You did not have to worry Nancy Hanks he was those things and so much more.

copyright all rights reserved


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