THE GILLINDER GLASS factory is one of Port Jervis largest busineses

 It is also one of the reasons the Delaware river is so polluted. Whatever

excess materials that they do not know what to do with, goes straight into the river. I

read about this from information sent to me. It came to me when they first  were trying to see what this nasty stuff was. It was parts of what they were making their lovely glass items

out of. This investigation was from a report written over 60 years ago . Guess what? It’s

still being allowed to happen. If one of the few places left that employs many workers

is shut down in Port Jervis N.Y. it is always a fear that it will become a ghost town. The

workers there that blow the figures of beauty, by inhaling and blowing these toxic chemicals. They are all recognized by there rotten , discolored and eventually dissolved


So the Gillinder family is quite well known for giving people jobs and looked up to. They

came from Germany and somehow many of the clan thought this sounded like a great idea. Most of what they manufacture was not bought by the locals.  They give tours there

and show collectible items that are no longer in production. I think they are doing well.

In 1976 Lynn Gillinder, the daughter of one of the owners (Edwin Gillinder) was driving

her car up the Hawks nest road to celebrate her friend Vicky Weed’s birthday . They also

had two other of their friends Jane Polanis and Kathy Laizure sitting   in the back.

Mrs. Weed  started  them off with glasses of champagne. There used  to be a hang out

in Glen Spey That has since burned down. On the drive back Lynn (don’t talk to me first)

Gillinder  said she “saw headlights coming towards her car, she panicked and there was an accident .” The 2 girls relegated to the backseat were thrown from the car and killed!

A week or so later it was decided that Lynn would have her license revoked for a while. One

of the dead girls mom wrote a letter to the local paper saying “it  was an accident and they should go happily about like nothing happened? That’s just what they did too, except

Lynn lost her famous wiggle in her walk. My mom had noticed this exaggeration  the

year before” who is that shaking her ass like that?” ” oh thats Lynn  Gillinder it must come naturally” I laughed. My mother just rolled her eyes and said “her father went to school with me , and he thought he was it too.”

She and her new best friend Vicky were released, wearing neck braces, and walking around together . They even said hi to me. I had been banned

from the in crowd ever since Mary Ann Kowal did not bring me my gym clothes which included my new adidas sneakers. Mom  called her up and asked her why ? She had to walk down our street anyway. This pissed her off,why I don’t know. All she had to say was that she was sorry. Instead she told her cousin the head cheerleader( and the one who rode her bike by our house say ing some mean things about my mom (you don;t do that and get away with it . The next day I scared them  by saying’i;m going to meet you after school, and frightened them to death.” Suzannes’s mom knew mine and begged her to tell me to leave them alone.” I was ostracized for the rest of my  high school years. No one talked to me, and I know they were all along trying to figure a

way out of avoiding me. I was treated like this before. Mother’s had stopped picking my sister and I up for school way before this. I noticed people and friends that we went to their birthdays and they to ours. They were now driving by us. In the hallways they

would dash into the girls room instead of being seen with me. The effect on our family

for having a member with learning disabilities,was that we were getting to find out

how they must feel. I loved my sister so,the day a new nun came to teach at St. Mary;s.

Became a lesson of how many bullies are out there. They are not just children. I was

seeing such a change in Marsha,and understood what my grandpa meant when he

talked about how I had to be strong,And dad telling me there are not many nice people out there. It happened some what slowly. Friends that we always played with would not

talk to us much anymore. My one friend whose mom always picked us up stopped.I asked her ‘why’ and she said the other two girls Debbie Wilcox and Kathy Gore did not want to be seen in the car with Marsha. I was ostracized the minute they found out my sister was in special ed. I  think sometimes it hurt me more than her.I made a promise to always be there for her and that I would always take care of her. I did not

want this uglinest to effect her ,but that was impossible. I would hear

a boy I liked say “I think I’ll ask Nancy out” “her sister is a retard “replied  David

Latini ( who was a little person!) I guess not many were likeable in my class. But Lynn’s

strange swaying of her hips stopped after the accident. Vicky said the first question Lyn’s boyfriend Brant Mack (I’m cool I smoke) said was” is she brain damaged.” Vicky when she was at my house to visit me, she found out she was on Marsha”s bed and her head almost hit the ceiling when I told her. Well things went about as usual and Lynn was selected by one of the football players to run for home coming queen.   Mary Ann won that,  she was such a tomboy. Sports,sports,sports that’s all she did(or thought she did )she was pregnant by the end of the year.  If I had driven that car and had done this it would  have been frightening, I would have been gunned down.That’s why I’m comparing this to when I first called the police. They already knew and I also knew that  they were part of this cover up . They were laughing and saying”that’s not so bad,”They were very wrong, we will never get over the unforgivably way we were treated.”how would you feel if this happened to you?” I would say “we have more important things to take care of!” They were heartless,the mayor;s replacement (Cody Scales) said ” I;m sorry this happened to you  Nancy.” I was stunned to hear a kind word from someone. Every one else treated me just like  I was in high school.  But money does talk . By separating the conflict of interest crowd ,to others with more authority makes a difference. This is not high school anymore.

Although Vicky did become a special ed. teacher.


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