Today we were driving down a lovely road. All the flowers were out and we were going

to the Home Depot to look for little touches of fall to put out in the Florida weather. I saw

a place on the right of the road. I didn’t know what it was right away , until I saw a tall cross. I cried out “pleases take the next turn.” He did,  and we found ourselves in this cemetery full of old tombstones,and new ones too. It was the feeling that came over me as I looked around. Each one had a glow about them. I looked at some quickly ,they said loving wife and mother . I realized I had the same feeling that I used to have whenever my mom and I would go to St. Mary’s and talk about the many things we had experienced

with those that had passed. It was a feeling of calm and warmth,something I had not felt in quite a while. I realized you go there to talk about them , you don’t think of them buried there in a coffin or with their ashes strewn about. You just feel a sense of peace remembering them. One caught my eye right away , it was a simple cross. On it was a young man’s face , all that was on it w as all that was needed 1980-2000. He had died when he was only 20 years old, from their hearts what was engraved were three words.

YOU WERE LOVED.  I cried all the way home. I said every engraving was put on by someone that loved that person ,how could anyone take that away from them. You felt

like you were in a place that was holy, and no one could be that evil to take that special place away from you. We don’t have that place anymore,that someone could even contemplate doing anything but saying a prayer or plant some flowers. this is no where

that evil practices belong. In Port Jervis N.Y.evil finds itself welcome everywhere. You

are also wrong about the statute of limitations. Look into that! Remember I paid that

reward money, and it was money well spent.Your dish will be cold but legal.

copyright all rights reserved


It's a Family Matter




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