Pat Weed, Vicky’s mom used to work for the motor vehicle’s office. She worked there for many years. Some people back then used to pay for things with cash. When I got my license I know I did. She always wore fancy clothes and even bought herself a little convertible. She ran for city council and even attempted to run for a higher office, which

she did not get .We were a little puzzled , her husband had to be let go from working at

one of the citie’s banks (we all knew what that meant,) in spite of the fact that liquor is one

of the most causes of death in this country along with tobacco. Enough time had past from that dreadful accident their daughter was in . They thought it would be just the thing Port Jervis needed ,another liquor store. I guess  it was a good idea , it was around for quite awhile. Then I got a letter from mom saying”guess who had been caught stealing from the motor vehicles office,yes Mrs. Weed. Mom said that someone new had been hired and had turned her in. All kinds of rumors were going around. It seemed that no one had seen her after that, and for her that was very uncommon. The one most believed

was that she had to go away for awhile. We all knew what that meant. She eventually returned ,but was not seen much. I think they sold the liquor store.  Charlie and Sue

Gillinder went to work for their dad Edwin . He was the one most affected by his daughter’s fatal driving. Isn’t it strange how the driver usually walks away unscathed  ?

Mr. Gillinder didn’t though, he began drinking too much at work. His own kids told the

police that he had left to drive home,and how drunk he was . He was charged with a  D.U.I. Charlie

and Sue took over. They started the tours so people could see the lovely objects,

that had been made there over the years. These tours were enjoyable and Charlie was

quite the businessman. He got the contract to produce most of the lights installed around

airports,yes business is good even Lynn and husband Brant with there 2 kids felt they should get in on the action. I had heard they had moved to an even smaller town than Port Jervis. I guess enough time had passed and the smell of money beckoned. I got a card

that said they lived in one of the villes. That could mean Otisville,Westbrookville., oh I

know it was Cuddebackville. This is how it goes, see if you can catch up. One of

Edwin’s cousins or sisters  was a Gillinder and then she married a Cuddeback. The town

is now part of the story. Sam Cuddeback is the attorney who gave Bob Onofry his first

job or made him a partner. Mr. Sam Cuddeback died suddenly . Mr. Onofry kept the

sign Cuddeback and Onofry up even after he died , I think it’s still there,but somehow I think it’s not.
Mr Robert Onofry became the town Judge. Now he is the Surrogate court judge. Still not satisfied with just doing
that. I found out that he is a member of the N.Y. Supreme court, well done sir!

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