The salaries in the humble town of Port Jervis N.Y. are usually minimum wage, and your lucky to get that. Jobs there are part time or seasonal. You have to to get unemployment

for most of the year . The ones that are real lucky are the one’s that never had to look for

work ,it was handed down to them. Why do people want to be on the school board,well it’s

this way, maybe you have sister that just graduated from college along with the other thousands that want to be a teacher.  They hear about an opening ,maybe through the grapevine. Someone wants to take early retirement ,all that want my sister to get the job say yeah anybody who doesn’t say nay. No nays good! You’ve got a good job sis. Why do

people run for city council,oh let me think . Now I’ve got it! their kid is graduating from

high school. It also helps that their older son is now the police chief. Their father was once the mayor that’s good too. Anybody else need a job working for the Public Works Dept.

that’s good too,as long as your daddy was working their too. I heard the city needed more law  enforcement and new chairs (they must wear out fast.) also some more cameras here and there. Better to see want the old lady’s up to while I’m hard at work . I’ve got to get my 24 quotas in or I might get kicked out. Hey pal lets pull over that old looking car,but check the license first. We don’t want to give just anyone a ticket. That’s what most of what being a cop involves ,petty things.  Wait I forgot the best thing they are some of the largest paid

men and women in town . The last time I heard they were up to $95,000 a year,and can retire after 20 years with cost of living increases included. Better tell pops to run for something,sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

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