We watched you on Fasion Police and thought you were hysterical you were always

right too. Anyone else on the panel we can’t even remember. You were the show. They will not be able to replace you. The more I hear about your death makes us curiouser and curiouser. (. You were in your doctor’s office? You went into cardiac arrest! )We had just watched you do a 90 minute show last Tuesday the day after an award show. You of course loved or hated what women wore or didn’t wear to that event. 81 years young was

applied to you. There is more here than meets the eye. I’m sure it was certainly the

doctors fault! For the most part they see someone as healthy as you come in(and a star)

they probably were most likely babbling about their wives and kids going on and on.

WE loved you Joan!  Dave  said that it didn’t sound good.  He was preparing me for the worse.

That night we turned on Entertainment Tonight. All I needed to see was Guliana Rancic’s

face. She somehow knew, I don’t know how she got through that show,I now was going to be surprised if she did miraculously pull through. Dave had been right, Joan was dead.

He had been a medic and said”all the guy had to do was get some air in her lungs that’s called a tracheotomy . He had to use something sharp that would be in a doctor’s office, or

just use a pen. What killed her were those few minutes without the brain getting any oxygen,then you are brain dead . Her own personal doctor let that happen . Maybe he

did not notice her gasping for breath?


copyright all rights reserved


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