I got 2 voice mails from this man, the only connection I have with him is that someone other than

myself  thought we should get an attorney 7 years ago when our mom died. I was not even

going to hire one. We did not need one! Our mother had everything set up for us. If  my goofy brother didn’t listen to me , that is no surprise. Don’t you dare say you are not calling me , I saved both voice mails with your nerdy voice saying that I was supposed to sign something. Sign what. That I had the misfortune to ever meet you, you did hardly anything ,and it is the proof when you did not even get off your but and go to Surrogate court and close our mother’s file, you did nothing . Seven years later you are so afraid of getting involved in a real crime situation , you run like a little mouse. I never would hire you ,but if you want me to go before the court I;m more than ready . Bring it on . What did I do? I paid for an engraving on my own grandparent’s tombstone. How dare anyone disagree with my loving epitaph, but a bunch of backwoods good ole boys. She’s so evil she loved her mom and uncle! This is outrageous. I ‘ll go up there with my mountain of evidence . What does anybody else have? NOTHING! Why were they not arrested for desecrating my heartfelt inscription? Because they hate Ukrainians! I said it the minute I saw what my cousin’s stone looked like’ It looked like she was born a ROHNER( not even her first name was engraved on it.), and a black heart? What a pig you are? Do you think you are so much better than  my family?Where did your grandparent’s come from? You don’t want anybody to know?

There a budge of hillbillies who sold moonshine , isn’t that great! Don’t try to contact me , this is something you better tread on very carefully. Put my inscription back on or I will go up there and show what kind of person you really are. I don’t care if I have to do it I will. I won’t like it but I’m willing to stand up for my mom and my uncle who was a WW2 Veteran you coward. You think you can scare me? Your wrong after what I was put through last year was unbearable. But I was right you are unbelievably evil;. To remove anyone’s words of love in a sacred place! All of the police and detectives should be ashamed and that strange non priest.Where did that guy come from, we all know why they get transferred. They are arresting people,why not you. I never asked for pain and suffering.Why should I?

It won’t make it go away and people like you still exist. You have no rights or documentation, I have both . What kind of justice did I get.  A slap in the face!!

I did not hire VernLazeroff and you can hear him on my voice mail begging me to sign something. I did nothing wrong! Stop bothering me you little creep.You were supposed to close that 7 years ago not now.Your so lazy you did not even bother closing the file . You

did nothing right and are afraid of your own shadow. I’ll come up there and look everyone in the eye because right is on my side . Oh I forgot baby Rohner has an order of protection on me .Who would give you that I’m the victim here not you. If I go up there I will be arrested. Protection I should be the one given that but I don’t know the judge that would give  me that. Hasn’t he read what you did to us we did nothing but pay for an engraving that probably was never even done ! Who does own the tombstone and where is their proof? I have it not you or anyone else! Just me!

copyright all rights reserved


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